Mid Fall Slim & Build - Women - Homework

Designed to push you!

I’ve added these homework assignments to further push you while at the same time keep it fun & competitive. Each week I will post in the Facebook group asking if you’ve completed the weeks homework workout. These are fun but challenging little workouts you can do at home or in the gym, record your time or reps and post up your results. You can see how you stack up against others and you are free to do these as many times as you’d like as an extra bonus workout. Please do not post up your results until I make a post about it on Facebook so we keep all the results in one comment string 🙂


Complete 3 rounds for time of Wall Sits, Planks & Flutter kicks. Do each workout until failure before moving onto the next one (Wall Sit, Plank, Flutter and back to wall sit, plank, flutter for a total of 3 for reach movement). Start the timer before you get into the wall sit and take ZERO rest between movements or sets. The goal is to be able to last as long as possible and to post your total time here 🙂 For flutter kicks it should be about 2 kicks per second (1 each foot). For Planks if you need to do it on your knees (don’t switch from normal to knee towards the end, if you can do it normal do it normal all the way through). Lets have some fun and see how you do 🙂 I’ll be posting my time later 😉

Week 2

Complete 3 rounds for total reps. Each round will consist of max number of Squat Jumps, Push Ups & Bicycle Kicks. There is NO rest in between movements or sets. Squats have to be to parallel & the jump at least 1 inch off the ground. If you are unable to jump simply do air squats with a 1 second hold at the bottom and state so when you make your total count post. Push up have to be normal with chest touching the ground, if you are unable, start on your knees but state so when you post your total. You can not start normal and then go to your knees when you start to fail. Bicycle kicks count as 1 rep when you do the left knee & right knee. I suggest you have a piece of paper and a pen by your side to help you keep track of the count. Quickly write down the total for the movement before moving onto the next. This should be fun & challenging.

Week 3

Complete 3 rounds for a total rep count of Burpees & Stationary Lunges. You will start with doing Burpees until failure and write down the total, rest for 30 seconds and go into stationary Lunges (each leg counts as a rep, your forward knee must not go past your toes and your back knee must touch the ground or be within 1″). After each lunge you will return back to a your original standing position by stepping back. Do until failure and write down the total and rest for 30 seconds before repeating again 2 more times. Write down the total number of reps for Burpees & Lunges.

Week 4

Simple, re-do Week 1 and try and better your score on each movement!

Week 5

You will re-do week 2 homework and try and better your score!

Week 6

Repeat weet 3 homeowrk and try and better your results.