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I’ve now been able to help thousands of men and women over the years from all walks of life, with many different types of struggles or personal situations. Many of them have submitted testimonials after the fact that I believe can help motivate my current challenge participants. Each week I will be sharing some of their stories with you – in the hopes that you find at least one or two people you can relate to and also find comfort, motivation or understanding in how the challenge has changed their lives. Its one thing for me to talk about the benefits its another to hear it from actual clients.


Kodi B
Lost 8lbs

This past winter has been very hard mentally/emotionally for me. Which caused me to gain a lot of weight after just competing in a bikini competition in Oct 2016. I saw Lauren’s spring challenge on Instagram and knew I needed something to keep me motivated, accountable, and let’s face it, if I invest my money into something I’m going to make things happen!

I was very impressed with how everything through the online program was organized! (When I did my bikini prep it was in no way comparable from what my coach did.) Through LDF you get LOADS of information and it is presented and organized perfectly. In no way would I change this!

I wasn’t very active on the Facebook group, but I did very much enjoy it! Some days, I felt “blah” and I’d see how others were up and at it, which did give me that burst of energy and to make things happen. I’m sure it’s not fun constantly reminding us about pounds/scale or to stop stressing/worrying about everything, but those reminders do help! Since I’ve been through the bikini prep, I have learned to trust the process and not stress, but from a beginner standpoint you second-guess everything and those reminders do help (A LOT)! I loved Lauren and David’s weekly videos! I have very much enjoyed this challenge and I wouldn’t change a thing!

As far as my personal progress in the challenge, I did pretty well throughout the week. I did struggle through the weekends so I’d have to say I didn’t give 100%, and that is my fault entirely. I am happy with my results and it has helped me get out of my winter blues! 🙂

One of Lauren’s weekly check-in videos talked about was how to eat when you’re out with friends, how to order, what to get when you’re on the road and need a snack.. I’m glad she talked about all that! I always felt like I had to separate myself from having social time until that topic.

You guys are an awesome duo! I love David’s constant support that he seems to give you! You guys are a fun couple and love that y’all team up on these challenges!

Heather J

So I am the type of girl that always weighs heavy unless I lose a lot of muscle, and that’s not what I wanted to do. Unless my scale is broken, I can be honest and tell you that I didn’t lose a pound. Not one! I stayed at 150 the entire time, and I’m completely okay with that, because I lost a total of 12 inches!

I’m so satisfied and impressed with everything that you provided us with during this challenge that I signed up for your next one as well! The amount of information that you provided- from the different meal plans to the at-home versions of the workouts- shows how much hard work and effort you put into these challenges.

After a few years of unsuccessful attempts to get back in shape, I decided to give one of Lauren’s challenges a try. Having seen several amazing before and after photos on her Instagram, I couldn’t wait to put myself to the test…. and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I look and feel better than I ever thought possible. The program was easy to follow- she gave us a detailed day-to-day meal plan, daily workouts, chat support, videos, etc., it’s no wonder that we all ended up with such drastic and incredible results. I’m a loyal client for life and I can’t wait to start the next challenge!!

Lauren, you are the reason that I was able to get back on track. I barely recognized myself when I took my before pictures. Definitely the worst shape of my life, even right after I had my two boys I didn’t look as bad.

Mallory C

This was my very first challenge ever, and I must say I learned a lot. Before this challenge, I was only lifting weights at home, I wasn’t running and I certainly wasn’t eating every few hours. The meals have helped me tremendously, I now know I need to eat smaller, and more frequent meals rather than 2-3 large meals. Although I didn’t follow the meals you provided, I did follow your recommendations. I also never did any cardio before—running around the baseball field just once was really hard for me—now I am more consistent. I didn’t measure myself, but I did weigh in from time to time and I’ve lost a total of 8 lbs. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I do notice a difference. Thank you again for the encouragement and getting me on the right track.

Karina O
Weight Lost: 7 Lbs
Inches Lost: 2 inches waist, 2 inches hips, 1 inch back

I started this challenge with hope to change my life and improve overall health.

I was diagnosed with PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome over 2 years ago when my husband and I decided to check why I couldn’t get pregnant. This condition makes losing weight challenging and due to age – 36 – it got really hard to lose even 1 pound. Struggling with my body image from childhood I always try to stay active, but I needed a little kickstart to finally see the results and speed up my metabolism. This challenge has taught me to forgive myself and enjoy food again vs. punishing myself when I have a hiccup.

I worked really hard. Third week in a challenge I got a faint positive pregnancy test, which was my first ever in my life. Even thought it turned out to be a very early miscarriage I got my hope back. I decided to postpone my upcoming IVF treatment and try to stick to the healthy diet and exercise. I took a week break from the challenge, but then I got back and pushed hard. Sticking to the program helped me with keeping my head occupied and kept me away from negative thinking. Despite what will happen I feel my body and mind are better prepared for upcoming treatments or pregnancy. This challenge has definitely taught me self-discipline, forgiveness, made my body and soul strong, and gave me hope for better life.

Deanne S
Lost 8 lbs total
Lost 4 inches around stomach, 3 inches on love handles, 3 inches on butt, 2 inches each thigh.

3 children, 2 C-sections, repeated abdominal muscle separation, and a million other excuses to not eat healthy or be fit. But do you know what? That’s just what they are…EXCUSES!!!

What sets this challenge apart is the community of like-minded people in all different stages of life with a common goal! The FB group and Lauren’s videos were so encouraging and helpful to me!!! Even if you don’t have the support at home…you will here!

I have been in and out of the gym for the last 10 years but I have seen more results in the last six weeks than in all those years. I needed a complete program like this that includes meals and the RIGHT way to work out!

I have literally NEVER been able to stick with a program for this length of time until now! And having finished…

I feel as if I now have this tool that I can use for the rest of my life!

Speaking of finishing…. I would have thought that the six weeks would have been the conclusion of a miserable time of self-restraint and frustration, but instead I find that I want to live this way for the rest of my life!!! It has even spilled over into healthier cooking for the rest of my family and a desire to live an active lifestyle with my children!

My strength and endurance have increased dramatically and I feel more ready than ever to tackle life’s challenges and my future goals!

To everyone who is interested in trying this challenge I would say… don’t think twice, do it now! Paying for it, and the idea of it being a competition helped me to take it seriously!

Throw away the scale, or at least don’t look at it until the end of the challenge. My weight was down and up and all over the place but I consistently dropped sizes, lost body fat, and gained muscle!

Thanks a million times over Lauren and David for all the effort you put into the program and into helping each one of us progress!


Camille A

When I look at my before pictures, I see someone sad, unmotivated and weak. I lost my dad 6 months ago and throughout that time I also lost myself. Everything became so uninteresting to me, and I didn’t care to make myself feel better. It became comfortable to make myself feel worse. I completely neglected my physical and mental health – eating fast food every single day, becoming totally inactive and allowing my thoughts to become a cesspool of self-loathing and negativity. Everything was so dark, and I didn’t bother looking for a light. I didn’t think any existed anymore.

I started to realize this wasn’t right, and that I was wasting time I could spend being happy. I couldn’t change what happened, but I knew I could change how I lived from this point on. When I saw your program, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start motivating myself again. I’m a very goal-oriented person, so I knew if I could really make myself commit to this, I would improve myself. I took my before pictures and wow, that was tough. But, I told myself if that was my starting point and that I could only get better. When I received your meal plan and workouts, I knew this was a good idea. I’ve done other programs before and they’ve left a lot to be desired – cookie cutter workouts and effortless meal plans. Your meal ideas were refreshing and delicious and the workouts were badass – there was nothing restrictive about them, which makes it a lot easier to commit to. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Now I’ve got to be honest, of course I am SO STOKED about my physical progress. I can feel my body working more smoothly like a well-oiled machine instead of an old, broken pile of junk. Fat has melted away and bloating has dissipated. And yes, it feels GREAT to look into a mirror and feel happy.

But what I’m most excited about, what I really NEEDED, is a healthy mind. This program helped me grab my thoughts of negativity and mold them into encouragement and self-love. This helped me sleep at night. This helped me wake up in the morning with a glow and a smile instead of heavy bags under my eyes and a headache. This helped me be fun to be around again, to feel happy. This helped me realize that I can make my life beautiful – and that there is ALWAYS a light.

Daniel C

This program has truly changed my life! I am a graduate student and these workouts are my escape from stress and keep me sane. The diet is easy to follow and I even have a healthy cheat meal on Fridays. I am weighing 216.4! Over 20lbs lighter from when I started!!

My next plan is to get into physique competitions. I plan on losing about 60 more pounds so look out for my name!!

Patrick T

I was able to lose 20 lbs over the course of six weeks and feel a lot healthier and stronger. I was medically discharged from the military after contracting an illness while recovering from two surgeries after I got back from Afghanistan. I went from running Olympic distance triathlons to not being able to get out of bed for months. I gained 75 lbs and fell into a deep depression. It took two years for me to learn to adjust to a life altering illness that has no cure at such a young age. Your program inspired me and although it was tough every single day I found the fight in me to get my health back. I know I’m just beginning and will continue this journey until I see that soldier in me again.

Megan B

I loved this program! It was exactly the motivation I needed to kickstart a workout and healthy eating routine. And, seeing results definitely fuelled that motivation. I lost a total of 7lbs and loved the workouts. I noticed a huge difference in my glutes and abs as well as shoulders as that was an area I avoided working out for fear of getting too bulky. I know now that that is not that case and plan to continue on this routine to see what I can achieve!


Krista Z

I was always fit when I was younger. When I turned 30 I realized I was not that 25-year-old anymore. I wanted to get back into shape and well the guy I was seeing said I needed to look into your programs that were offered. Well I did and let me tell you, I have my confidence back, I can wear all my jeans and dresses again, and most of all seeing the scale I cried. These were happy tears of joy; I am literally 12 lbs away from my college weight. I am so happy I did this and couldn’t have asked for better people to motivate each other! I have lost 15 lbs and I will be doing another program along with training in between while waiting for that one!

Mandy B

After this program I had lost 28.2lbs, 4.5 inches from my waist, 5 inches from my hips, 1 inch in my arms, 2 inches in my thighs, and 3.75 inches in my chest. The program was easy to understand and follow. I loved having the Facebook group where we could all share progress and encourage each other.  I am leaving this program with the knowledge and ability to continue to go for my health/fitness goals. I am very excited about my results and feel so much more confident about myself.  It is amazing how much your body can change and image of yourself can change in just 6 short weeks.

Megan E

I’m beyond pleased with the progress that I made during the program! I lost 9.4lbs, definitely gained muscle and have ab definition for the first time in my life! I feel stronger than ever! I truly pushed myself further physically than I ever have before and came out of this program with a greater appreciation for health. What I am most excited about and why I know this program was a huge success for me is that I am still going! This is a sustainable lifestyle and I look forward to maintaining and even improving my results. My weakness is portion control. I’ve learned so much about macronutrient counting and how to be creative with meals and not feel deprived at all! I am more motivated than ever to eat foods that fuel my body well for workouts. I was never once bored during this program, neither with the workouts or meal plan! There was so much variety and room to be creative within the boundaries! I especially enjoyed the Facebook group and really appreciated the interaction with you and the other participants. It was very motivating to share updates, ask questions and to give and be encouraged!

Nathan S

I did not expect to see such a dramatic change in my body in such a short time.

I have considered myself a fit person for my whole life, but after 3 kids, a super busy office job, and letting myself eat however I wanted to, my weight was getting out of control. I lost my cardio ability and my strength performance had plummeted. My brother showed me your Snapchat link and I found your fitness program on the website. I decided to try your program in an effort to change my lifestyle and the results blew me away! I have never done a fitness program before, and I have never tried to control my diet with such discipline. The results are freaking amazing! The diet plan was perfect, the workout progressions were amazingly crafted, and I kept meticulous track of my progress week by week. Overall, I lost 13.8 lbs, 9.3% body fat, and 2.5″ off my waist. I got back my self-confidence, energy, motivation, and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, our family did this together, and we have made a commitment to change the way we eat and live completely. I have never felt more rested, healthy, energetic, and excited about life.

Melissa V

I lost 19 pounds during the program and over 13 inches, 5+ of which were from my waist. I am also sleeping better!  I am super happy with my results and am glad I followed your program.  I would DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone that is unsure about it.  If you follow the plan, you will see a change!

Katherine H

I had been struggling to lose weight for years. Despite having to deal with some health concerns that had become known to me over the years, I had also went through 3 miscarriages and 1 terminated pregnancy, due to discovering that the baby had a brain abnormality. With all the changing hormones and the stress, I kept constantly gaining weight year after year. After taking a year to mentally gather myself after my last pregnancy, I decided that it was time to make a change, and tried this program as a result. I had seen people really make some amazing transformations, and as a result wanted to be part of that.

I am so thankful that I decided to take part in this program. It put it in perspective for me the amount of work and dedication it takes to reach your fitness/physical goals, but it is worth it. I did not expect drastic results for myself, as I knew that it took many years to get to the size and weight that I am at now and didn’t expect for results to happen overnight. I am pleased to say that when I had started the program, I was at 165 and when I weighed myself yesterday, I found myself at 158. This is a huge accomplishment for me as I have never seen the scale go down that significantly for me before and was such a huge encouragement that I had finally found something that my body is responding to, despite all the hormones. In terms of the pictures, I really notice it in my back, which I am super pleased about.

Week 4

Three months after having her second child, Vanessa was ready to start working on toning and gaining muscle. She didn’t allow her full time job or her husband’s work related travels to be an excuse for not getting into shape. After just 6 weeks, Vanessa lost 14 pounds and nearly 11 inches. “I will definitely continue the meal plan and workouts that I learned during this challenge and I look forward to seeing even more progress in the future!!”

Before beginning this challenge, Samantha was miserable with how she looked and constantly making up excuses. Even with her own wedding photos she was unhappy with her body and finally decided it was time for a change. Samantha lost 13 pounds and 14 inches and has learned valuable tools to continue working toward her body goals!

As an active foodie, Emily struggled to balance her workouts at the gym with the food she always rewarded herself with. Joining my challenge was a last ditch effort to change her body 2 months prior to her wedding. After only the first week of my challenge, Emily was motivated by her increased stamina and the difference in her photos. “The 6 weeks flew by and while I had ups and downs and made mistakes, I was always motivated to get back to the food and exercise Lauren recommended.” Emily lost 10 pounds and 13.5 inches and has developed a new relationship with food!

During this challenge, Lauren has been a stay-at-home mom with two boys on summer vacation, planned both their birthdays, started her own business, AND signed up for her last year of college. “This challenge was very helpful to me. I learned about portion control, what types of foods I need to be eating, and workout schedule.” With 2 pounds lost and 5.5 inches gone, Lauren is ready to continue her fitness journey.

Beth heard about my challenge from her sister, whom I was training. At first it was easy to come up with excuses – “I’m too busy,” “I’m not that bad” – but when she finally realized she needed help, my challenge was the first place she looked to. Beth completed one challenge with me already, but was motivated to sign up again. During her second 6-week challenge alone, Beth lost over 20 pounds and nearly 30 inches! “I learned how hard I can push myself and the importance of having a balance of what I eat. Lauren doesn’t just give you a quick way to lose weight, but gives you tools you can use outside of this program.”

After having a baby over a year ago, Nadine was looking for a push to get her body where she wanted it. She made sure to take in the whole process of the challenge, especially slowly working up to workouts in the gym instead of going hard and losing motivation. In the end, she lost 10 pounds and almost 15 inches. “I’m so excited for this new chapter in my life, and my family’s life! I’m going to take this knowledge and use it everyday to become healthy and stronger.”

Ninoska used my 6-week challenge to kick-start her journey to get in shape. Even though she injured her back during the fifth week, Nadine still put in the effort and ended up losing 9 pounds and 8 inches. “It was great to have the accountability and others also trying to reach the same goal.”

A friend of Amber’s recommended my challenge to her after she’d tried and failed at so many paths towards weight loss. She doubted if she could commit to the regimen at first, but ultimately left it with incredible results, losing over 20 inches. “This challenge has changed my life! I have seen the best change in not only my body but my self-esteem and my outlook on myself in general. I actually say I look beautiful when I look in the mirror.”

Anna’s biggest lesson during my fitness challenge was the meal planning. At the beginning she feared she’d be hungry often and not have enough meal choices, but she ended up eating more than she had previously, not to mention healthier, leaving her always full. After 6 weeks with my guidance, she lost 10 pounds and 15 inches! “Overall I very happy with my results and definitely see myself doing another challenge soon.”

Lidia joined my challenge with the hopes of getting in shape, getting stronger, and recovering from a cycle of running injuries. She lost 12 inches and 4 pounds training with me; Lidia’s running pace has improved and she is able to run for longer distances now. “I feel stronger and ready to train for upcoming half-marathons this Fall!”

Hannah S

Thank you for giving me the confidence and help to kickstart my health and fitness journey. The program was challenging, and at the start I struggled from the sudden change in diet, but 6 weeks on I can’t even imagine eating what I use to eat, I am craving healthy foods instead of junk, and I get excited and motivated by my fitness improving. I am very proud of what I have achieved not only physically but mentally, I feel my whole mindset has changed for the better. I feel healthy, strong and powerful to take on anything!  I feel that I am now equipped with the knowledge and determination to smash my health goals, thanks for your help!

Natasha L

Weight loss: I lost a total of 6-8 lbs. I did not measure myself, but as the pictures tell, I have definitely lost inches!!

I have been on a weight loss journey for a long time now, I have always been an athlete and have always worked out. This past summer I wanted to lose weight so I hired a nutritionist. I followed through with it for a solid week, then slowly started to taper off. This challenge I was skeptical about how dedicated I would be, but since I had my friend doing it with me-that helped a lot, being able to talk to her about it! The Facebook group helped lots too, being able to ask people questions and get motivation! I am extremely happy I did this challenge, I stuck to it for 6 weeks, and I know I wasn’t as strict or faithful as I should have been. But I learned a lot about how I eat, what I like to eat, what makes me feel good, what doesn’t make me feel good, and what kind of dedication I need in order to get the results I want. I am so proud of myself for the progress I’ve made in only 6 weeks…now imagine what kind of progress that could be made in 6 months!!

Lacey S

I started this program to have a way to hold myself accountable for my progress and give it my all. During the program I followed the workouts step-by-step and sweat my butt off! By the end of every workout I actually felt like I accomplished something major, what a feeling! I’ve had EXTREMELY poor eating habits my whole life and it’s been SUCH a struggle finding a meal plan that challenged me to try new things, but, also worked around my eating disorder. I was BEYOND happy to see food on the meal plan that I could actually eat! During the program I actually started to be noticeably less tired by the end of the day because I was actually eating.

Since the start of this program, I’ve lost 13lbs and toned up quite a bit. I’m finally starting to feel confident and healthy; and it’s so amazing!

Briana B

I feel so much healthier and absolutely love seeing the progress, especially, in my legs! I started at 135lbs and dropped to 129lbs! I really love how this program makes you want to get up every day and start with a good workout. I’ve never been so motivated to do something like this in my life! I loved the meal plans and just by seeing what 4 weeks can do makes want to keep going. I can’t wait to start another one of your programs! Thank you for all your help Lauren; you are my true idol.

Kate Galliazzo

I loved your program, and found the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my fitness journey has been food. Your program helped me to gain control of my portion sizes and eating healthy, which has really helped me come out of a fitness plateau. I started the program at 177 lbs and I now weigh 166 lbs. I’m a single mom and going to school full time, but this is the first time I’ve felt good about my body and confident in who I am. I don’t ever want anyone to feel sorry for me, I want to be a strong and independent woman and be healthy so that I can be around for my son and keep up with him for a long, long time. Thank you for helping me start to love myself again!

Kelly B

Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Since my surgery I have been on medication and my levels have never been within normal range. 2 weeks ago my levels came back normal. I feel great, I have an appetite again, I am no longer bloated, and I have more energy. I feel GREAT! I will continue to eat the same as I have been eating and working out for the past 7 weeks!

Alena Harthun

Wow! From day one until the end I have been sore every day. During the first week I was exhausted and wanted so bad to just take like 3 days rest but I knew I couldn’t! The cardio in the beginning was killer and was so hard for me to finish. The first three days I did half HIIT, half steady pace. But after that I got it together and finished all my cardio how you wanted it done. Being a former college volleyball athlete, I never had to worry about “staying in shape” and always considered myself fit and healthy. After that ended, I gained some unwanted weight and was no longer happy with myself. I always struggled with having the motivation to push myself at the gym because I didn’t have a coach there yelling at me and telling me to do it. This challenge has changed my life, competing to win prizes whether I win or not has motivated me. For the past 3 years I have been on the fitness roller coaster. I would go through phases of weight loss and weight gain like crazy and it never was a lifestyle change for me. I KNOW that this time around I am going to continue my fitness journey and this truly has been a lifestyle change for me.

I have lost 12 pounds (started at 187 ended at 175). I have also lost inches in all areas!

I have lost 3 inches around my legs. I honestly didn’t think my legs changed much until I compared before and after photos and noticed a bigger gap! I have lost 2.5 inches around my hips. I have lost 2 inches around my waist. I have lost 4 inches around my bust, and I’m so impressed that I lost nearly all of the back fat! Ahh!! And I have lost 1 inch around my arm.

It’s crazy to say that I am finally becoming confident again and I actually wore a tank top to the gym for the first time! I also have dropped two pant sizes. I was wearing size 12 in Old Navy pixie pants and bought size 8’s because I wanted to use it as motivation. The other day I slipped them on and fit perfectly! I can’t thank you enough for this challenge and chit chatting with me through Kik. I have gained so much confidence in myself and in the gym and cannot wait to see where I look like a couple months from now and even to see my 1-year progress!!

Tiffany Dodson

Weight loss: 10.4 pounds; 156.6 to 146.2

Total inches lost 14.75

I signed up for this challenge after working to lose weight for about 6 months. I had somewhat leveled out and had started taking on unhealthy habits again. I’m a competitive person by nature and went into this with the thought that I had to win. The first week was incredibly hard. I was so exhausted. After the second week of scheduling time and prepping food, I started to feel like it was accomplishable. Sometime along the way, winning no longer mattered. I felt better, I looked better, and I was so much more confident. My pants started getting too big and just this last Friday I bought a size of pants that I have never owned in my life. The program has made me stronger physically and mentally. I feel like I can accomplish anything. I also realized what an amazing support system I am fortunate to have. Thank you for everything Lauren! This has changed my perspective and life!

BrieAnna S

Total Inches Lost: 5.5

I really enjoyed this challenge so much! Even through the days that I wasn’t feeling very well everything that you had on this plan was still within reason of being able to get through. Struggling through depression and anxiety and several other health issues, I had just let myself go and didn’t care anymore. Doing this challenge not only helped me to create amazing new habits but it also reminded me of how easy it is to take care of yourself and that it is ok to have a bad day, but to pick back up and get back to it again. I mentally feel amazing and when I look at myself in the mirror I can definitely see a way bigger difference.

Alice Field

Before this challenge I was tired and discouraged about losing weight. I had been following other popular training programs for months and spending hours in the gym without seeing any results. I almost didn’t sign up for this one because I thought my body was hopeless.

During this challenge I pushed myself harder than ever before – reached lots of personal bests in weights and have done more cardio than I thought I was capable of.

The Facebook group was full of support and if I felt I needed the extra encouragement I was able to message Lauren one on one to discuss my issues. I appreciated that so much! It’s refreshing to see that you’re not just the face of the company. You’re actively involved in answering all of our questions and encouraging us to strive for the best.

I’m thrilled with my results so far! I plan on continuing with this plan for a few more weeks and then moving on to a custom program with you to help lean out.

Again, thank you very much for this challenge! I’m now more motivated than ever to continue on my fitness journey.

Tamara Farber

I don’t even know where to begin because the amount of personal growth I achieved over the last 6 weeks is amazing. I have 4 kids and I teach Kindergarten. The exhaustion I feel just from that has kept me out of the gym the last 9 months. I was not going to let it be an excuse anymore. This challenge got me into a routine and motivated me to do more cardio than I ever thought I could. I hate cardio but I honestly found a love for the way it made me feel after I did it. I can’t thank you enough for this challenge and the support group. This is my first support group and it was truly that: a group of wonderful people with the same healthy goal in mind. I know that my results would not have been as awesome as they are had it been me alone trying to do this. What else?? The food! I love how it was a lifestyle type of eating. You are a realist and made it so anyone can and we did follow your recommendations. The food ideas and the spices added what was need to not make eating so boring. I am so excited for my future and am hoping to save money to be coached through a competition. I didn’t think I had the right type of mindset or motivation to ever do one but I don’t think that anymore. My mind has limited me in the past but it won’t anymore because…just do it! We don’t always want to do it but we just do! I plan to join your challenge again mid summer! I can’t thank you enough for your motivation and the live videos.