New Year Slim & Build - Workouts


Barbell-96Based off of the chart below and your level of intensity the number of Workouts, HIIT Sessions and Body Circuits will change each week. Body Circuits are much harder than HIIT workouts and thus they burn more fat. Use the chart below to help guide you with your workout selections – If you want to try a body circuit during the first week instead of a HIIT session by all means sub it in as many times as you’d like. Additionally the number of workouts for each day will change from week to week.

Workout Selection: Since everyone starts at various levels of intensity I have created a table to help guide you through the 6 weeks of training. The intensity of the workouts is to increase from week to week. For example if you consider yourself a beginner, during your first week you will choose 3 weight training workouts from the list of options for that particular day, you’ll do 0 Body Circuits that week and do 6 HIIT sessions. This does NOT mean you only pick 3 days of weight training for the week, but rather select 3 workouts for each weight training day. For example for the first week: Day 1 – Leg Day you will pick 3 leg workouts, Day 2 – Back/Abs you will pick 3 Back workouts and pick 3 Ab workouts. If at any point during the week you feel you can either increase or need to decrease your intensity you can move up or down in scale. If the HIIT workouts are too hard, you should do as many minutes as you can of the HIIT and finish the rest of your time at lower intensity levels. For example, if you are prescribed 30 minutes of HIIT (such as in the first week HIIT session), and you find the sprint intervals too intense to complete for the full duration, you may do sprints for as long as you can, for ex, 15 minutes, and then finish the last 15 minutes with the low intensity steady state cardio (Speed Walk, Jog, Slow Cycle & etc). Try and work up the stamina to do HIIT for the full duration each week, but you may finish at low intensity until you build up the proper tolerance. For Muscle Building you will stay at 20min of steady state cardio for all 6 weeks in place of the prescribed minutes.


Week Daily Weight TrainingBody CircuitHIIT
13 exercises15
24 exercises24
34 exercises24
45 exercises33
55 exercises33
65 exercises33


Daily Weight Training
Body CircuitHIIT
14 exercises15
24 exercises24
34 exercises33
45 exercises33
55 exercises42
65 exercises42


Daily Weight Training
Body CircuitHIIT
15 exercises15
25 exercises24
35 exercises33
45 exercises42
55 exercises42
65 exercises51

Sweet Sweat Belt

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Workout Videos

Workout Videos are available on the Instagram account LaurenDrainVideos. You can also search for LDF hashtags related to each movement, workout or cardio. Examples would be #LDFWorkout or #LDFCardio or narrow it down to #LDFLegs or #LDFArms or #LDFAbs or #LDFShoulders and all the way down to a specific workout like #LDFSquat or #LDFCurtsyLunges or #LDFSquatRow.


Meeting-96Tell your friends and family that you are participating in this challenge. Try and find a workout buddy. Take it seriously. Post pictures of your progress if you’d like. Look for support and excitement in choosing to take on this challenge. It can and will better your life. My first 6 week challenge did! It propelled me into fitness/fueling my body for health/strength/aesthetics, I’m so glad that I did it. Use the Facebook group to help motivate one another, to ask questions or to stay on track.

Welcome to the first week of the challenge. Just a heads up that the first week can be a struggle for some people – but don’t worry, the goal is simply to get through it. I have designed the challenge to have a bit of an on-ramp build up so as the weeks go on things will get slightly harder – but you will be ready for it! During the first week your goal is to complete the designated workouts, if you feel they are not challenging enough you can go up a level, for example from Beginner to Intermediate, or simply do an extra workout for that day. If you are struggling, don’t worry, at the end of the week you will have a much better understanding of your body, what you can and can not do and will be more prepared for week 2. Later on weeks will also have more workout options for you to choose from, but for week 1 I want you to stick to the basics and just get through it without giving up!

Week 1HIIT will be 30 minutes each day. (Those doing the Muscle Building plan will stay at 20min Steady State for the duration of the 6 weeks). If you are struggling with HIIT do as many minutes as you can and then complete the remainder of your time as Low Intensity Cardio. This is common for Week 1 for those that have done zero cardio in the past, don’t worry, we must learn to walk before we really run!

Reminder: You do not need to start with Leg Day as your first day of working out, you can mix the days around to fit your schedule, so long as you complete all the workout days in 1 week. Try and split up Leg Days to have at least 2 days in between. Those 2 days can be workout days for other body parts or a mix of rest and workout; we just don’t want you to do legs without proper recovery time in between.

BEGINNERS: For this week you will complete a total of 1 Body Circuit, 5 HIIT Cardio sessions and 3 exercises per day.

INTERMEDIATE: For this week you will complete a total of 1 Body Circuits, 5 HIIT Cardio sessions and 4 exercises per day. 

ADVANCED: For this week you will complete a total of 1 Circuits, 5 HIIT Cardio sessions and 5 exercises per day. 


Only drink the prescribed post workout shake AFTER weight training but within 30 minutes and ONLY ON weight training days please 🙂 Do not do same muscle group two days in a row.

The following are SUGGESTED weight training workouts. For best results or increased challenge, you may do 5-6 of the workouts suggested but I would save that for later weeks. I broke the challenge up into 5 days of weight training with HIIT or Body Circuits for cardio & strength. If you must skip a day, I prefer you do the HIIT cardio or Body Circuit instead of the weight training. So if you are short on time, DO NOT skip the HIIT Cardio / Body Circuit. That is the most important way to continue fat loss and help increase the metabolism.

DAY 1 LEG DAY (Select 3-5 of the following) & HIIT or Body Circuit

Warm UP: Row for 400m, or speed walk on treadmill for 5 minutes and stretch out legs.

BEGINNERS: Select any 3 exercises from your list:

  • Squats at the Rack (may use smith machine if necessary although not recommended) 4×20 lighter weight and then 4×6-8 heavy (photo) (video)
  • Leg extensions – 4×25 (make sure last three reps burn and hold it for count 5 seconds on last rep) (photo) (video)
  • Lying ham curls – 3×15 (make sure last three reps burn and hold it for count 5 seconds on last rep) (photo) (video)
  • Leg Press – Feet together at top of sled, DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES OUT! (2×20 light, 4×6-8 heavy) (photo) (video)
  • Smith Machine Squats (Wide Stance) 4×15 (photo) (video)

INTERMEDIATE: Select a total of 4 exercises from your list or the list above:

  • Weighted Walking lunges – 4×12 each leg (total of 24 reps each set) (photo) (video)
  • Weighted Step-Ups – 4×12 each leg (photo) (video 1 | video 2)
  • Back Squat – Narrow Stance (smith or free standing) – 4×12 (photo) (video)
  • Straight Leg Deadlift – 3×10 (photo) (video)

ADVANCED: Select a total of 5 exercises from your list or the lists above:

  • Jumping squats (may start with no weight if necessary, these can be difficult) 6×10 or 3×30 depending on your endurance level – I use either dumbbell b/w legs or straight ez bar across my shoulders. Drive through your heels/keep weight in heels, and chest up. (photo) (video)
  • Hip Thrusters – 4×15 (photo) (video)
  • Back Squat with 1 Second Pause/Pulse at bottom – 3×10 (video)

Cool Down: Stretch hams/quads/glutes for 10 minutes (photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8)

HIIT session or Body Circuit – (remember this goes up by 5 minutes each week).

DAY 2 Back & Abs (Select 3-5 Back & 3-5 Abs)

Back Workouts
BEGINNERS: Select any 3 workouts from your list:

  • Seated Row – 3×15 (Wide bar attachment) (photo) (video)
  • Lat Pulldown 3×15 (Wide or narrow) (photo) (video)
  • Bentover dumbbell rows – 4×10 per side (photo) (video)
  • Machine assisted pull-ups – 4×10 (photo) (video)

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: Select a total of 4-5 from your list & above:

  • Weighted Back Extensions with Twist at top 3×15 (plate or dumbbell in hand) (photo) (video)
  • T-Bar Rows between legs – 4×15 (photo) (video)
  • Cable Row close grip to chest – 3×15 (photo) (video)
  • Cross Cable Lat Pulldown – 3×10 (photo) (video)
  • Lat Pulldown – Wide grip behind back – 3×10 (slow and controlled) (photo)

Ab workouts

BEGINNERS: Select any 3 workouts from your list:

  • Planks – 4 rounds of 1 min planks (or work up to 1 min at time planks) – rest no longer than 90 seconds between rounds. (photo)
  • Exercise ball sit ups  – 4×15 (photo) (video)
  • Crab Toe Touch – 3×10 each side (photo) (video)

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: Select a total of 4-5 from your list & above:

Cool Down: Foam Roll back.
Complete a Body Circuits or HIIT Session.

DAY 3 SHOULDERS (Select 3-5 workouts) & Calves (2)

Warm Up: Shoulder circles forward x20, Shoulder circles backward x20, Row 400m or Arm cycle/elliptical for 5 minutes.

BEGINNERS: Select any 3 workouts from your list:

  • Lateral Shoulder Raises with DB (pause at top) – 4×12 (photo) (video)
  • Forward Shoulder Raises with DB (pause at top) – 4×12 (photo) (video)
  • Shoulder press overhead – 4×10 (photo) (video)
  • Seated Calf Raises – 4×20 (photo) (video)
  • Standing Calf Raises (smith machine or standing leg press for calves) – 4×20 (photo) (video 1 | video 2)

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: Select a total of 4-5 from your list & above:

  • Thruster (DB or Straight Bar) – 3×12 (photo) (video)
  • Dumbell Around The World – 3×12 (photo) (video)
  • Arnold Dumbell Press – 3×12 (photo) (video)
  • Seated Calf Raises (1st set toes straight, 2nd toes out, 3rd toes in) – 3×20 (photo) (video)
  • Standing Calf Raises (smith machine or standing leg press for calves; 1st set toes straight, 2nd toes out, 3rd toes in) – 3×20 (photo) (video 1 | video 2)

Cool Down: Foam roll back, calves & Sampson Stretch (photo).

Complete a Body Circuits or HIIT Session.

Day 4: Arms (Select 3-5)

Warm Up: Row 400m, or Arm Cycle/Elliptical for 5 minutes.

Complete a HIIT session or a Body Circuit.

DAY 5 Legs Again & CHEAT MEAL DAY! (1 meal of your choice if you choose to cheat up to 1200 calories)

Warm Up: Samson stretch each leg, pigeon stretch each leg, do 10 body weight jump squats, and row 400 m or speed walk on treadmill for 5 minutes.

BEGINNERS: Select any 3 workouts from your list:

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED: Select a total of 4-5 from your list & above:

  • Sumo Deadlifts (Close grip, Wide stance, bend knee, flat back, keep bar very close to body) 3×12 heavy (PS photo | SD photo) (video)
  • Weighted step-ups – 4×12 steps per side (photo) (video 1 | video 2)
  • Straight legged deadlifts – 3×10 heavy. (photo) (video)
  • Hip thrusters – 4×15 (photo) (video)
  • Weighted Jumping Lunges – 4×10 each side (photo) (video)

Cool Down: Stretch hams/quads/glutes for 10 minutes (photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8)

Complete your HIIT session or Body Circuit.

DAY 6 – OFF (REST DAY) You may take an “active rest” day – so you can go for a walk, a hike, do yoga, or any other light alternative activity this day.

DAY 7 – OFF (REST DAY OR HITT or BODY CIRCUITS – OPTIONAL) You may take an “active rest” day – so you can go for a walk, a hike, do yoga, or any other light alternative activity this day.

Week 2 is LOCKED, lets focus on Week 1 first 🙂
This Week is still LOCKED.
This Week is still LOCKED.
This Week is still LOCKED.
This Week is still LOCKED.


These are designed to be a supplement to your Cardio HIIT workouts. If you are getting bored of Cardio and/or want to try something new to break up your sessions Playos are for you. How: If you are doing say 30 minutes of Cardio HIIT, feel free to do say 10 minutes, jump off and do one of the following circuits and jump back onto the cardio machine for the remained of your time. Note, the time it took you to do a circuit is subtracted from your total Cardio HIIT time. You are free to do as many circuits as you’d like to break up your cardio or to replace it. These are difficult so more than one round will be tough for most. However, these are a good way to challenge yourself & to break up long cardio sessions with something different & fun. If you are unable to do one or more of the prescribed movements feel free to replace it with anything else on the list from any other circuit. Feel free to modify movements if needed; if you are unable to do a standard push-up do it on your knees for example. If you can not do a push up at all replace it with something like a plank hold or a burpee. There is no more than 30 seconds rest between movements. If you can not complete a movement move onto the next one. Do not over think this, these are ideas to help you break up the long cardio sessions.

OPTION 1: The Duck
Sumo Squat Hops – 1 Min
Jumping Lunges – 1 Min
Push-Ups – 1 Min
Jump Squats with 90 degree turn – 1 Min
V-Ups – 1 Min

OPTION 2: The Chipper
Alternating Butt Kicks – 1 Min
Narrow/Close Hand Push-ups on Knees – 1 Min
Walking Lunges – 1 Min
Sit-Ups – 1 Min
Leap Frogs – 1 Min

OPTION 3: The Jumper
Jumping Jacks – 1 Min
Side Lunges – 1 Min
Push-Ups – 1 Min
Skipping High Knees – 1 Min
Plank Hold – 1 Min

OPTION 4: The Skater
Curtsy Lunges – 1 Min
Mountain Climbers – 1 Min
Butt Kicks – 1 Min
Jump Rope – 1 Min
Speed Skaters – 1 Min

OPTION 5: The Holder
Sumo Squat Jumps – 1 Min
Wall Sit – 1 Min
Knee Tuck Jumps – 1 Min
Long Jump – 1 Min
Plank Hold – 1 Min

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training

As opposed to “just jogging or running” on the treadmill, this HIIT training involves sprinting high for 30 seconds to 1 minutes, then jogging or walking for 30-90 seconds and alternating. This stimulates the heart rate to go higher, and you should sweat by the end of your workout. HIIT has proven to burn more calories in a shorter period of time than standard low intensity cardio as well as burns calories for up to 24 hours after performed if done right. It increases the metabolism by increasing oxygen expenditure while heart rate is elevated for repeated intervals. Heart rate should be up to at least 150’s-170’s during the exercise J YOU MAY DO A BODY CIRCUIT SESSION IN PLACE OF HIIT OR A HIIT SESSION IN PLACE OF BODY CIRCUITS.

Other examples of HIIT: any class that is high intensity, you get heart rate up above 160s (you may buy a FitBit to help see your heart rate), and you sweat: spin, boot camp style classes, Crossfit style WODS, Insanity at home, etc. You may substitute these for a HIIT session. If you have other questions about what workouts can be substituted in place of HIIT.


Stationary Bike –

2 min warm up light spin

30 sec sprint at level 18-20. Then decrease level back down to 6 as an “active rest” for 90 seconds. REPEAT this cycle until you reach your required number of HIIT minutes that session. (Remember it goes up by 5 minutes each week).


Treadmill OR RUN OUTSIDE –

Jog/Sprint Toggle on treadmill – so select speed workout (jog speed can be around 2.0-4.0mph)

(Sprint speed should be between 7.0-8.5mph) Check to see if your heart rate gets into the 160’s or higher zone and you are getting the proper effects of the intensity training.  May warm up for 2 min at jog speed, then SPRINT for 1 min.  Jog for 1 min, sprint for 1 min and continue this cycle until you reach your required number of HIIT that session (remember it goes up by 5 minutes each week).

If you are outside, use a stopwatch to alternate between sprinting “all out” for 30 seconds, and jogging for 30-60 seconds until the full time length is reached.


5 min warm up on stairmaster Level 5-8

Then starting at the 5 minute mark, increase level to 15-17 for 30 seconds on, 90 second back down to level 5-8 alternating levels up and down.

Repeat this trend until you hit the minutes of HIIT required (remember it goes up by 5 minutes each week).


5 min warm up on elliptical Level 6-9

Then starting at the 5 minute mark, increase level to 12-16 for 30 seconds on, 90 seconds back down to level 6-9 alternating levels up and down until you reach your required HIIT that week (remember it goes up by 5 minutes each week: week 1 – 30 min hiit, week 2 – 35 min HIIT, week 3 – 40 min HIIT, week 4 – 45 min HIIT week 5 – 50 min HIIT, week 6 – 55 min HIIT) Cool down for 5 minutes.

HIIT – for the most effective metabolism booster and best fat loss, I recommend doing HIIT first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast; this is called fasted cardio (it burns fat from glycogen stores first instead of trying to burn the food you ate). If you must eat first, that is fine too. If you are unable to do HIIT in morning, it can be done any time of the day. Everyone responds a little different but I am giving you tips to help. You can also break up the cardio into one gym session and weight training into another or both may be done one after another. It is okay whatever works best for your own personal schedule and wellbeing. Start at 30 min 5 days a week for the first week and increased by 5 min each week. (2nd week will be 35 min 5xweek, 3rd week will be 50 min 5xwk etc etc). Cardio is monotonous for most people so if you must break it up into shorter sessions that equal the total time prescribed that is fine. The longer you are able to sustain at a time the better, but everyone has different endurance so work on it each week.


Do 3-4 rounds of 1 of the following circuits as many times as prescribed for that week (you may do it before or after your weight training OR you may do this on an “Off Weights” day, you should also do different ones each week).  Always rest 1-2 min between rounds (Each round is 5 exercises). These are perfect for at home workouts, while traveling or to really kick up the intensity of your workouts. These are difficult, you will struggle, you may not finish at first. If you fail to complete a circuit simply rest longer or do 10 min of HIIT for each round you failed. If say you did 2 out of 3 rounds you would do 10 min of HIIT cardio for the 3rd failed round. OPTION 1: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Push-ups – 1 min V-ups – 1 min (photo) Forward Lunges – 1 min (photo) Air Squats – 1 min Back Lunges – 1 min (photo) OPTION 2: (3-4 ROUND OF) DB Thrusters – 1 min (photo) Inchworm pushups – 1 min (photo) Alternating High Knees – 1 min Butt Kicks – 1 min Box Jumps or Squat Jumps – 1 min (photo) OPTION 3: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Squat jumps – 1 min (photo) Flutter kicks – 1 min (photo) Speed Skaters – 1 min (photo) Medicine ball overhead squat – 1 min (photo) Burpee – 1 min (photo) OPTION 4: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Tuck Jump – 1 min Mountain Climbers – 1 min (photo) DB Clean & Press (alternate each arm) – 1 min (photo) DB jump ups– 1 min (photo) Russian dumbbell twist – 1 min (photo) OPTION 5: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Walking Lunges – 1 min (photo) DB Thrusters – 1 min (photo) Weighted V-ups – 1 min (photo) Burpees – 1 min (photo) Jumping Jacks – 1 min OPTION 6: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Kettle Bell Squats – 1 min (photo) Box Jumps or Step Ups  – 1 min (photo) Sit Ups – 1 min (photo) Jumping Jacks – 1 min DB Snatch – 1 min (photo) OPTION 7: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Stability Ball Sit-Ups – 1 min (photo) (video) Leg Lift – 1 min (photo) Squat Holds – 1 Min (photo) Plank – 1 min (photo) Squat Jumps – 1 min (photo) OPTION 8: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Kettlebell swings – 1 min Kettlebell squats – 1 min Alternating lunges (body weight or with DB) – 1 min Sit-ups – as many as possible in 1 min Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope x 1 min OPTION 9: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Dips (Use Chair or Box) – 1 min Box Jumps – 1 min Burpees – 1 min DB Thrusters – 1 min Air squats or DB squats – 1 min OPTION 10: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Butt Kicks – 1 min Plie Squats – 1 min Lying Leg Lifts body-weight  – 1 min Thrusters Dumbbells – 1 min Curtsy Lunges dumbbells – 1 min OPTION 11: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Burpees – 1 min Around the world – 1 min Dips (Use Chair or Box) – 1 min Bent over Back rows dumbbells standing position – 1 min Upright Row & press DB – 1 min OPTION 12: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Mountain Climbers – 1 min V-ups DB  – 1 min Plank Holds – 1 min Speed Skaters – 1 min Hip Thrusters  – 1 min OPTION 13: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Jumping Squats – 1 min Standing Calf Raises (DB in hand or body-weight) – 1 min Plank Leg Lifts – 1 min Split-Squats Dumbbells – 1 min Squat Holds (DB or body-weight) – 1 min OPTION 14: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Hammer Curls – 1 min Pushups – 1 min Tri Extentions Bent Over – 1 min Plank Twists – 1 min Thrusters Dumbbells – 1 min OPTION 15: (3-4 ROUNDS OF) Lunges Jumping – 1 min Dumbbell Straight-Legged Deadlifts – 1 min High-knees – 1 min Bicycle Crunches  – 1 min Plie Squats – 1 min



Jump Rope
Exercise Ball
Weighted ball (8, 12, 15 0r 20lbs)
26 lb Kettlebell (KB)/25 lb Dumbbell (DB) (total body) 
10/15/25lb DB (upper body workouts)
5 or 10lb Ankle weights
Green resistance band
10/15/25 lb plate
Monkey bars/pull-up bar
Box/Stable bench/Step-up
Foam roller
Yoga Matt
Ab Matt

Since everyone has differing “at home” equipment, I designed several different workouts so that you can choose which ones you are able to do.

DAY 1 & DAY 4 LEGS: (SELECT 5 of the Following
workouts to do)


1)   Kettlebell/DB Squats – Using the weight of your choice, in normal squat stance, hold weight at chest level, and squat at or below parallel if you are able and then squeeze glutes at the top of the squat. Go slow, controlled. 4×25

2)   DB/Kettlebell Thrusters – Using the weight of your choice, with DB in each hand in a shoulder press position, squat down and then back up, pressing weights overhead at the top of standing postion 4×25

3)   Squat Holds – Using body weight, DB over each shoulder at the bottom of a shoulder press position, or barbell on back, go into a full parallel squat and attempt to hold for 1 minute each – repeat 4-5 times with 1-2 minute rest in between.

4)   Single-legged dumbbell straight-legged deadlifts – An advanced single-legged movement for advanced lifters targeting hamstrings & glutes 

5)   Sumo Squats/Plie squats – Using the weight of your choice, in squat stance, (plate or kettlebell held at chest level or dumbbells can go across each shoulder as you hold them to stabilize) 4×25, slow, controlled, squeeze glutes. 4×25

6)   Step-ups – using DB in each hand, or KB in both hands, step up on box or stable bench. Do 12-15 reps each leg for 3-4 sets


7)   Wall Balls – outside (in a basement that is 16 feet or higher, or outside against a wall or in garage) Squat with exercise ball and through up 15 feet and catch and lower into squat. Repeat. 4×20

8)   Med ball squats – holding weighted medicine ball in hand, squat down and back up. 4×15-20 reps.


9)   Leg Lifts with ankle weights, start in plank position, and keeping foot flexed, kick the heel up above the flat back and pulse it up, the more slow and controlled the better, hold the last rep for 5 seconds or until it burns.

10)   Standing side leg lifts – Standing upright, hold onto wall with Left hand to stabilize, ankle weight on right leg, abduct leg away from body raising it sideways for 15-20 reps, then alternate to other leg. 4 sets.


11) Side steps with resistance band – With green resistance band on above knees, in
standard squat stance, back flat, step to right side x5, then left side x5 for 5 rounds.


12)   Back squats 4×25 wide stance

13)   Back squats 4×20 narrow stance (may use bench under butt to touch and go.

14)   Alternating forward stationary lunges or walking lunges 4×12 each side (may do
stationary or walking)If you have dumbells, hold DB on shoulders: back squats, 4×25 plié squats, 4×25

15)     Hip thrusters with weight on lap, (GLUTE WORKOUT – FEMALES ONLY) (laying on your back on yoga matt or on the ground with your upper back against a bench) place the weight (DB, Plate or Barbell) of your choice across your lap evenly. Raise your core upwards with glutes/hams. Do not raise the weight with your low back/arms. Try to focus on just squeezing the glutes upward. Keep the movement slow, controlled and squeeze long at the top. On the last several reps, pulse it up for 3-5 times and pause until failure. 4×15.

PLATES: (10/15/25lb plate)

16)   Driver Squats – Hold the plate out like steering wheel, and feet together, squat up an down, pulse at bottom x3 and come back up for 1 rep. 4×15

17)     Side leg lifts with Plate (standing with your left side next to a supportive wall, use the plate or DB in the right hand at your hip side and raise your right leg as high as you can, slow and controlled. You should feel the weight in the leg and side glute). Do 4 sets of 12 each side.

18)    Forward/Side/Back lunges – 4×12 each leg. Holding one plate directly overhead with both arms extended, may do forward, back or side lunges keeping core tight and weight overhead.

BOX/Step-up/stable bench

19)    Box jumps – 4×15 – standing close to box, jump up onto box, swing arms to generate momentum, try to land on both feet simultaneously soft knees, may squat down and then
stand up, then jump back down.

20)    Step-ups – alternating legs, step up and back down 4×15 each leg, 3-4 sets. May add kettlebell in both hands, barbell across shoulders or DB in each hand to add weight.

DAY 2 – SHOULDERS (do 4-5 of these workouts)


1) “Around the World” – Starting with Palms up and DBs together chest level, move DB in a half circle to meet the other DB overhead (while turning palms down) 3×15

2) “Arnold Press” – Using DB at shoulder level to start a shoulder press overhead, turn wrists simultaneously while pressing overhead. (Palms start facing away at shoulders and palms face away at top of press.) 3×15

3) Lateral shoulder Raises – Start with DB on either side of body, and in squat stance, normal stance, or seated, Raise DB to shoulder height or slightly above. 3×15

4) 45 Degree Shoulder Raises – Do same as above except raise 45 degrees out (so between side and front position. KIK me or See Video for example on form. 3×15

5) Front Shoulder Raises – Same as both lifts above except raise DB directly in front. Pause at the top and hold last rep until it burns. 3×15

6) Standing shoulder press – using DB or barbell, press weight overhead, extend
arms and lower weight back to shoulders. 4×12-15




ABS (Select 3 of following workouts)


1) Weighted V-Ups (Using abmat, and weighted exercise ball, start laying on back, arms overhead and legs straight, feet together. Raise ball above head, keep back flat on ground while simultaneously lift legs to meet ball in middle overhead and lower both feet and arms back down controlled. Bringing the legs and arms together created the “V shape.” 4×15

2) Oblique with weight – Sitting on your butt, keeping back about 45 degrees off the ground, (flat back, tighten core), move the weight (ball, DB or plate) from the left side touching the ground and then alternate touching the right side of the ground. 4×20 (10 each side)

3) Planks – Start in a plank position (back flat, parallel to ground, keep core tight, do not raise butt above your back) – Set timer and try and remain in the plank position for as long as possible. Stop the clock when you break plank form. Get back up and finish the minutes. Repeat for 4 rounds (4 total minutes)

4) Flutter Kicks – Start laying on back with ab mat or yoga mat with your arms under the small of your back. Keep legs straight and toes pointed. “Flutter legs” alternating them up and down. Use the timer for this as well. Do 4 rounds of 1 minute each.


5) Hanging Leg Raises While hanging from the bar, Raise legs either with knees bent or straight (for increased challenge). For advanced form and challenge, you may add DB between feet while pulling up with bent knees. 4×12 (May use green exercise band wrapped around bar and step into it for assisted pull ups as done in crossfit).


6) Back extensions on ball with weight (Start laying on your stomach on the exercise ball. You can lower upper body as low as you can while keeping core centered on ball. May add weight holding at chest as you raise your upper body in line with core (should feel the back muscles contract). 4×12

 BACK – select 4-5 workouts for back


1) Back Row with DB 4×15

2) Pull-Overs (Start laying on flat bench or exercise ball and extend arms overhead. Keeping core tight, Raise weight from above head, yet below the bench. Keep arms straight and bring weight to above the stomach and then lower it back to starting position. Keep back flat and head neutral. 4×15

3) Bent-over DB rows – kneeling on bench with opposite knee to arm being rowed. 3-4 sets of 12-15


4) Bent-over barbell rows

5) T-bar rows – placing one end of the barbell in a tight, secure, cement corner or garage/basement/outside corner, stand over bar with barbell between legs. Carefully raise bar keeping back flat and core tight. Do not yank bar and be mindful bar can hit genitals if you aren’t rowing slow and controlled. 3-4 sets of 12

6) DB straight leg deadlifts (keeping back flat, legs straight, keep arms extended to raise bar, but use hamstrings, legs, glutes to raise and lower the bar. Try to squeeze glutes at the top, do not round out back, chest up. Slow and controlled.)



of the following workouts in quick succession. Rest for 3 min in between
rounds. You may do this instead of a HIIT session any day.


Jumprope for 1 min

Thrusters (start standing, holding weigh of your choice, squat down and then press the weight overhead) x 20

Speed Skaters 25 each side

Alternating High Knees 20 (10 each side)

Alternating stationary lunges (use DB in each hand) – 30 (15 each side)


OPTION 2 – Do 4 ROUNDS of:

 Jump Squats – Starting in a squat position, holding the weight of your choice, explode upward and repeat. 12 reps.

Speed skaters – This is where you kind of glide and touch down, side to side, no weight needed. KIK me or see Video for details. 20 reps (10 each side)

Pushups – self-explanatory. 12-15

Prisoner lunges (no weight needed). Step out into a forward lunge and alternate feet with hands behind your head like a “prisoner.” 24 reps (12 each side)

Ab crunches (Do as many as you can in 1 minute).