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If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump start your fitness journey look no further. Many of you have asked what I eat on a daily bases, how many meals, what quantities, the types of foods and etc… this is your chance to gain a better understanding of what it takes to eat healthy. The biggest issue most people have is they don’t know what to eat, when, how much or etc – this gives you a chance to understand that and lays the foundation of a healthier lifestyle. You’ll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required. Please see product description & FAQs below.

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Get a detailed meal plan that you’ll be able to use week after week. I help guide you with Macro counts and provide multiple food options so you are able to substitute things in and out. For example if you don’t like chicken you can use ground turkey or a fish to get your protein intake in for that particular meal. In the end this is designed to kick start a healthy eating habit and to better understand what it takes to get you the results you want. Most of my challenge contestants follow a plan just like this.



Is this a custom meal plan?

  • No it is not – this is a generic sample guide that’s designed to provide structure and information about what to eat, how often and in what recommended quantities. If you’re looking for a custom plan please see my other options.

Is the plan easy to understand?

  • Yes, I do my best to build out each meal and provide a few different food options for each.

What happens if I have a question after the fact?

  • With custom programs I offer my clients 1 on 1 support via email and messenger – however with the guides I try to lay everything out for you and make it easy to understand.

What do I do if I don’t like a food on the guide?

  • I ask my clients to improvise a little, if you don’t like chicken for example, there are many other alternatives that will get you the protein you need (turkey, steak & fish). Be smart with your substitutions.

How long is this guide good for?

  • Most people think there is an end date, there is not. Each guide is built out to be repeated week after week. This is NOT a diet, this is a lifestyle guide. Most fitness models including myself life our lives eating this way. If you want a crash diet, this is not for you.

Are results guaranteed?

  • Absolutely not – I can provide you with the structure, the information, the guidance and everything else but I cannot force you to commit to following the plan, not cheating or etc. However, if you do follow the guide you will see results.

Do I need a PayPal account?

  •  You do not – you can check out as a guest and use a credit card for payment


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