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Spring Slim Challenge

$249.99 $179.99

Spring is just around the corner, lets get that summer body now! With my personal help, guidance & support along side with workouts & a diet program designed by me you can join the thousands of other men & women that have transformed their bodies. You’ll also get a free autographed & personalized poster and have a chance to win cash & prizes! So lets put winter behind us and start this year off in the best shape of your life! With this challenge you’ll be able to set yourself up for a healthier and happier lifestyle that does not involve starvation diets or boring workouts. Do it all with 1 on 1 guidance and support from me personally & the support of other contestants. Thousands of other clients have made their own personal transformations – you could be next! Plus if you’re going to enter a challenge, ask someone for advice and guidance why not do it with someone who’s made a personal transformation of their own? Someone who will be able to relate to the struggles, the work/life balance, the setbacks and etc. Please see the About section on my website for my own personal transformation, story and much more. Availability is limited so sign up now before the challenge closes! See additional details below under Product Description & FAQs Tab.

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Product Description

I get constant emails with people asking me what do I eat, how often, when do I work out and what do I do to target this area or that – this is your chance to get to know my personal workouts and meal plan for the duration of 6 weeks at a discounted rate. This challenge will closely mimic my own personal meal plan & workout routines that I will also be doing for the next 6 weeks – as you have seen from past client and my own personal transformation the results speak for themselves. I have now been able to help thousands of men and women through these challenges – you could be next! This is NOT a crash diet, I do not believe in unhealthy weight loss practices – this is a lifestyle change for most and many of my clients go on to live by it for months and even years after the fact. I promise you, you will never feel hungry during my challenge & you will always have my support and the support of other contestants.

All the workouts are beginner friendly & go up to an intermediate level for those that want to push themselves. The meal guide is easy to follow with multiple options per meal. The ultimate goal is to help provide you with structure and most importantly information/knowledge of what to do, what to eat, when to eat it, how often to work out and for how long. With your $179 entry you will get access to the following:

  • My Meal Plan for 6 weeks (Standard, Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Options included)
  • My Workout routines for 6 weeks (Beginner & Intermediate Gym or an at Home option)
  • Macro’s calculator built in for you for guidance
  • Female Specific or Male specific workouts & meals
  • Weekly check ins & accountability
  • Free Autographed & Personalized poster of your choice
  • Facebook Support group access
  • Live video chat with me for Q/A once a week
  • 1 on 1 messaging with me after the 1st week via KiK messenger
  • Step by step photo instructions of every workout
  • Video demonstrations of every workout
  • Start date of  3/19/17 and ending 4/30/17
  • 1st place wins $1,250 cash
  • 2nd place wins $750 cash
  • 3nd place wins $500
  • 4th place wins Beats Wireless Headphones
  • 5th place wins Sweet Sweat goody bag worth $250

What’s Included: With your entry you get the Meal Plan, Workout Plan, support group & guidance. With the meals I help guide you with Macro counts and provide multiple food options so you are able to substitute foods in and out as needed. For example if you don’t like chicken you can use ground turkey or a fish to get your protein intake in for that particular meal. For the workouts you’ll get a detailed workout plan that you’ll be able to use week after week. These are workouts I personally do or have done along with other options and variations that allow for substitutions. Each workout is outlined with the number of reps/sets and includes Photo & Video demonstrations. Each day has multiple workout options to allow you to make modifications as needed.

How do I get my plan: Instant access to the challenge infomration, however the actual challenge documentation will be unlocked on 3/17/17 with all the details. You will receive an instructional email after you complete the order so make sure you check your email (spam folder just in case) for additional info. Please review the FAQ for more information. Additional instructions will be under My Programs on the Challenge page. Once the contest starts all the information will appear in there also.



How much is entry?

  • Its $179.99 USD per person

Do I need to live in the USA to enter?

  • No, this challenge is open to anyone around the world.

Is this for Women only or can Men join?

  • This is both for Men & Women and the program is designed to be scaleable  with options for men and women.

I’m Vegetarian or Vegan will this work for me?

  • Yes, I provide both Vegetarian and Vegan food options along with the meal plan.

How many spots are available?

  • Availability is limited – I will close registration once all spots are filled up.

What will I get access to on 3/17/17?

  • Workout & Meal Plan Documentation & Instructions
  • Access to the Facebook support group
  • Additional instructions

How do I enter to win the $1,250 or other prizes?

  • Instructions will be both emailed to you upon signing up and be posted in the guide itself as it gets closer to the start date.
  • Photo submission is OPTIONAL but you can NOT win without proof. Everyone is welcome to participate even if they do not want to share their photos with me.
  • Photo submission instruction will be emailed to you a few days prior to the start also.

How is the winner chosen?

  • At the end of the 6 Weeks those that want to will submit their final photos – the best transformation from day one will win the cash prize – sent via PayPal

Do I need a gym membership?

  • No you do not but it is highly recommended. You simply can’t get as many workouts in at home due to lack of equipment and it’s much easier to get distracted. You’ll be able to substitute workouts for at home if needed.

Are results guaranteed?

  • If you do follow the meal plan guide and the workouts you will see results guaranteed! I have helped thousands of clients lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle 🙂



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