I just wanted to take the time thank you for this challenge. I lost a total of 15 pounds during the challenge and I am working every day to go even further. You truly inspire me I look up to you as a real role model. I am so much happier and healthier after completing this challenge and I plan to stay that way! Every workout and prepped meal was totally worth it. Thank you for all your help!
This challenge was tough! It has been hard for me to change the way i eat and life got on the way many times! I thought i didnt make any progress as the numbers on the scale didnt move, i lost few inches as well but when i check my before! What a change! I love the body ive built thanks to Lauren program and her personal advices given to me instantly on kik! I made a life change on the way i eat, and even though i did that challenge more on the cardio side i am gonna restart and add the heavy weight lifting for more muscle tone!




ErinI'm so excited to say that I've lost 30lbs in a span of 6 months! I delivered my baby girl via emergency C-section at the end of July 2015. Due to my C-Section, I was told that I would need to wait at least 8 weeks until I can start going back to the gym and even longer to work out my abs because I just had a major abdominal surgery.Read more


So baring my soul here. I have struggled with eating disorders most of my life, at one point only eating about 600 calories a day then after having severe hyperemesis with my pregnancies I went into this cycle of binging on junk food and restricting. My health was terrible.Read more


IMG_3676I have long struggled with my weight, done years of yoyo dieting and tried many online programs culminating in becoming bulimic last year. To complicate things further I found out last year that I have PCOS, a health condition exacerbated by excess body fat but seemingly couldn't get out of the negative cycle I was in to treat my body right and become healthier. Read more


Liz-1Hello Lauren, first and foremost I'd like to thank you for providing such an awesome program. I had 3 kids in the last 5 years, just turned 30 and I was stuck and nothing was working.Read more


Morgan-1 I've always had self-esteem issues, especially about my body. I grew up playing sports my entire life but since college it's been hard to maintain the lifestyle I used to have and fell off the track pretty hard.Read more


Tiffany 1 I'm so exited to share my results with you!! I've lost 14 pounds which is great! I can't thank you enough to change my life the way your program did! It works it really does! The results are addicting like no other I will never go back to eating McDonald's ever day! I feel and look so much better now that I'm not eating junk food I have more energy it's crazy! I will share you with everyone I know struggling with their weight!

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