Heartbreaker Challenge Testimonials

challenge-heartbreaker-resized"Lets break some hearts this year with a new & improved you! Set yourself up for a healthier and happier lifestyle?"


I have long struggled with my weight, done years of yoyo dieting and tried many online programs culminating in becoming bulimic last year. To complicate things further I found out last year that I have PCOS, a health condition exacerbated by excess body fat but seemingly couldn't get out of the negative cycle I was in to treat my body right and become healthier. Lauren's 6 week holiday challenge was the first program I've actually been able to stick to, and the first I got results from. Instead of focusing on calories I was hitting macro goals- much more enjoyable and realistic! I learned not to be afraid of carbs, and that I could eat until I was full multiple times a day and still see results. I could even factor in some cheats and not worry! Breaking the negative self-punishing cycle I had been in for so many years was so powerful and I started to take pride in my body and what it was able to achieve- the first time you lift more than your body weight is so exciting! I developed a much more holistic view of how to treat my body, and started to take pride in my performance at the gym rather than just dreading the boredom of monotonous cardio. Coming second place in the challenge only encouraged me further and I won a further 4 weeks of personal coaching from Lauren. I was interested to see how the program would change compared with the challenge and to my surprise she actually increased my calories! The weekly check ins kept me focused and motivated, and Lauren was always very encouraging and able to offer advice when my circumstances changed over Christmas. Overall I've lost 10lb, 4 inches round my hips, 2.5 round my waist and even my gym clothes are starting to become loose. I've had so many compliments and several of my friends have asked how I've done it. I can't wait to see where I am in another 3 months time! Thank you Lauren!
I'm so excited to say that I've lost 30lbs in a span of 6 months! I delivered my baby girl via emergency C-section at the end of July 2015. Due to my C-Section, I was told that I would need to wait at least 8 weeks until I can start going back to the gym and even longer to work out my abs because I just had a major abdominal surgery. I lost all motivation because everyone always told me that with a C-section, it would be next to impossible to ever get a flat tummy again. As for ever getting abs... forget it. Apparently I was going to be forever stuck with the dreaded C-section pouch that only surgery could get rid of. One day, I was looking for motivation on IG and came across Laurens page. I looked around and compared several trainers but I chose to go with Lauren because I liked that she had a transformation of her own. So I purchased my package and signed up for the gym when I was given the okay to do so by my doctor... and here I am today in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for helping me to achieve what was apparently impossible. I couldn't have done it without you!


Hey Lauren these are my final photos! I just wanted to take the time thank you for this challenge. I lost a total of 15 pounds during the challenge and I am working every day to go even further. You truly inspire me I look up to you as a real role model. I am so much happier and healthier after completing this challenge and I plan to stay that way! Every workout and prepped meal was totally worth it. Thank you for all your help!

Jessica E

This challenge was tough! It has been hard for me to change the way i eat and life got on the way many times! I thought i didnt make any progress as the numbers on the scale didnt move, i lost few inches as well but when i check my before picture...wow! What a change! I love the body ive built thanks to Lauren program and her personal advices given to me instantly on kik! I made a life change on the way i eat, and even though i did that challenge more on the cardio side i am gonna restart and add the heavy weight lifting for more muscle tone!

Lolita N

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this challenge. I fell off two week like right after it started due to stuff going on but then picked right back up stronger than ever. Once I started seeing results, it really boosted my motivation to go to the gym and kick ass. I know my results may not be much compared to some you get, but it was definitely enough to keep me up and keep me going and want to do and be better. My best friend and I had been eyeballing you for awhile on social media because you're legit goals. And then I got this challenge and couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Kara R

I loved being a part of your challenge. The food options were great and taught me a few new things and tricks to eating healthy. I got encouragement from not only you but other competitors. I appreciated being able to kik message you and ask questions along the way. I think leg day became my favorite love hate days. Every leg day I went up in weights and pushed myself. I was so excited to see the results start happening and going from barley being able to do air squats to my PR of back squatting 135lb for 5 reps. (I am finally starting to have a butt!!!!) Last week I found out that I was pregnant! We are thrilled and I am glad that this will be a fit pregnancy. Thank you again Lauren for everything during this journey. You can use my pictures for the final post or if I win. Fingers crossed.

Heather B

Hello lauren, I wanted to thank you for not only creating programs like this but for changing my lifestyle. About 2 years ago I slipped into a depression due to some hard family issues and I had gained a ton of weight and I felt stuck. For most of my life I have idolized the fitness industry because not only are people changing their lives but also the life of others. I found you a few months ago on instagram and I had heard about your story ,fitness and personal, and it honestly brought me to tears. Your story really made me think about my life because I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself thinking that life would never get better but you’re living proof that life gets better. So I made the decision to change things and that’s when I saw your post about this 6 week challenge. This challenge changed my life in more ways than I can describe. Ive lost around 25 pounds and I’m almost halfway to where I want to be. Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone and I will for sure be purchasing some of your other programs in the future.

Storie H

McCarthy E

This 6 week challenge helped me get out of my rut, both in the gym and with my eating habits. Most people won't see the same difference in these pictures, but I see a huge change. One of the biggest changes has been my strength. I feel stronger, I feel leaner and my husband has noticed the difference. He told me, "your arms look stronger." Thanks for giving me the push I needed.
I just want to thank you for putting together this challenge! While my pictures do not seem like I lost weight, I actually lost over 5 inches all over which is incredible considering I'm also fighting against my thyroid disease. During his challenge, I learned how far I could push myself, felt like I not only increased my strength, but was able to reach new goals. I felt as though my butt got more defined and my core became stronger. I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease for almost 16 years, and at the age of 26, it is really hard to always find a positive with an autoimmune disease. This challenge enabled me to feel hope again and I thank you for that!

Caitlin V

As far as my story goes, I have been struggling with weight loss/gain since I was a child. I have had periods of extreme weight gain followed by extreme and unhealthy weight loss. I had been an athlete my entire life until graduate school so working out was nothing new to me, or so I thought. This challenge has taught me so many valuable things about my body, treating it right, and being patient. I started the challenge off strong, however I had my low days where I thought I wasn't getting anywhere and even thought about quitting. I wish I could say I got over those feelings and turned everything around but I didn't. Some days I gave 110% and other days I shamed myself for letting my body and health go for so long. My confidence and self-worth have been the hardest struggle of them all. I decided to set small goals and meet them weekly i.e., 4 miles in under 40 minutes, 25lb bicep curls for full sets, etc. Accomplishing those goals has opened my eyes to who I am and what I can become with some dedication. Although I only lost 7.8lbs (159.8 to 152.0), I can see a huge difference in muscle on my body (especially my thighs and arms/shoulders). The biggest accomplishment has been fitting into every single pair of pants in my closet! My favorite jeans are now too loose. Most recently I have been in the middle of planning my wedding (July 29, 2016) and I never thought I would like the way I look in any wedding dress. After this challenge I can truly say I am overly thrilled at how I look and feel! Although this is only the beginning of an entirely new and healthy chapter in my life, I am so excited for what the future has in store for me. I am stronger than I have ever been, people have been complimenting me (especially at the gym). I can't even imagine what I will look like at the end of another 6 weeks of dedication to the gym and building a health life style. Thank you for setting me on this path, it was truly priceless.

Stephanie V

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. I was pushed to a different limit from what I've been used to. I was a runner who turned into a weight lifter but couldn't lose the extra weight and bloat. This challenge brought me back to doing more cardio to balance off the strength training in coordination with meal planning. I can see the differences in my body especially through the weekly pictures suggested to take. I am a mother of 4 and after this challenge, I got compliments from my husband that I haven't heard in a long time. I looked younger, my skin glows and my stubborn love handles are finally losing their grip. With a few hiccups, like tennis elbow, I was still able to modify my exercises.

Kathy A

The Lauren Drain Heartbreaker Challenge was just what I needed to really start taking my workouts seriously! I began working out in June of 2015, and wasn't seeing the results I so desired. The biggest changes I made was the way I workout, the length of my workout, the amount of cardio, and most of all my eating habits. Let's just say, I decided to go BIG or stay BIG! The meal plan in itself was the most beneficial thing I took from this challenge. When I signed up, I was determined that I would not fail. I would follow Lauren Drain daily to get the boost of motivation I needed. I took my photos, weekly and made myself look at them every morning, so that I could see that the hard work was paying off. Somedays were extremely tough and I was sore beyond belief, but my determination far outweighed my soreness. Some days I wanted to eat a horse, but now I don't crave the junk I once did. I now workout daily from 5am to 6am, working out has become a part of me. I have more energy, my clothes are starting to become looser, and I am gaining the confidence I long ago lost! The journey to a healthier me has just begun, but my competitiveness and motivation has made this a lifestyle. Thank you for giving others like me the motivation needed to make a change!!!

Tara H

Ashlie G

I started this challenge to help me get out of the plateau I was in with my workout routines. I am not anywhere near where I'd like to see myself but I have you to thank for devising this Heartbreaker challenge! Food has always been my weakness but your meal plans are easy to follow and incorporate for those of us who are busy and endlessly on the run where meal prepping my always be an option. I definitely see more lean tone in my body and owe you for sharing your knowledge and personal journey with us, your fans. Just know that you have made a positive change in my life that isn't just a short lived diet, but yet a life change!
Thank you thank you thank you!!! This challenge was amazing and life changing for me! I had my baby almost 7 months ago and struggled to lose the weight. I was uncomfortable in all my clothes because nothing fit. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and now I feel amazing! I'm not even close to done yet but I have found the right way to get to where I am going and I am enjoying the new lifestyle I lead. I quit drinking, I love preparing my meals and I actually love going to the gym and I have found. Through these past 6 weeks that I love lifting weights! Thank you for everything. I am so incredibly happy! I have lost 11 lbs and 63 inches!!!!

Kelley A

I loved the workouts. Hated the cardio of course. I ended getting pretty bad tendonitis or bursitis in my ankles/heels from running sprints, and they actually even hurt when I was on the elliptical :-/ I'd already been lifting/eating well since January but needed an extra push. I noticed the biggest difference in the last 2 weeks, especially in my stomach! I'm down 8 pounds total with 2" off my hips. My scrub pants did not fit in December. They were SNUG in February. And now, they fit great and are almost baggy (but that might be wishful thinking)! I'm getting married in July and plan on sticking with your workouts, working on upping my strength and building my glutes as much as possible so my booty POPS in my dress!!

Claire A

I am really happy with my results. I did your challenge last time, but neglected how nutrition played a huge part in success. This time around, I made sure I was eating healthy and doing ALL of the workouts! I feel a lot better than I did 6 weeks ago; I was tired, constantly negative about my body, and unpleasant. I can definitely notice a change in my mood, and my energy levels after doing your challenge. You are a HUGE role model to me as I am pursuing not only my fitness goals, but my nursing degree. I want to further develop my fitness goals, and motivate other healthcare providers to engage in healthy lifestyles going forward.

Chris R

I had a lot of fun doing this challenge! When I first started, it felt impossible to keep up, especially with the Hiit workouts. It kept getting easier and I kept motivating myself to keep going! The only thing I wish I would have done differently was to contact you more/at all. I didn't get creative with my meals and it got boring really quickly but I stuck it out. Although I did have a cheat meal here and there! Although I'm not to my goal yet, I am so excited because I started at 150.1 lbs, my waist was 28 in, and my hips were 43 in. Now I am ending at 142.3 lbs, 24 in at the waist, and 40.5 in at my hips. So exciting!!! I have high blood pressure and getting my body fat percentage down is beneficial to help ease the struggle on my heart. Anyway, regardless of whether or not I get 1st, 2nd, 3rd or not placing at all, I will definitely be doing another challenge to continue my journey to better health! Thanks again!

Murphy R

After 6 weeks of eating healthy and working out daily i must admit that my life routine has changed completely, especially on weekends. I no longer feel obliged to workout, i just enjoyed it! I would say the 6 weeks have changed my way of working through objectives and discipline. Even though i still have a long run towards getting fitter, i am really happy with my results. I now feel i can push harder week after week.

Luciano M

I did it! first I just want to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me how I need to eat so I can reach my goals. It was a little hard to get used to the food at first but now I'm enjoying it! I worked very hard for this challenge, I go to the gym at lunch to do weights for an hour then after work I'd go again to do cardio. My pictures don't show how amazing I feel, in my energy and confidence. I feel great! I lost a total of 12 pounds!! And about 12 inches. I'm super happy about the 2 inch loss on each of my thighs! That's my problem area and to see it shrinking gives me great joy haha. I will continue using your food plan (still have 14 pounds to go) and possibly buy a custom plan. I love following you on snapchat, you and Dave make me laugh all the time. Seeing your workouts is great, id get ideas from the videos all the time. This challenge really helped me, I was really nervous to sign up, but I am so glad I did! When I win (haha) I don't mind you posting my pictures, with my face showing, on your website and/or social media. I am very proud of what I accomplished! I told everyone around me what I was doing to help hold me accountable, (my husband was a HUGE help) at work when we would have treats I would skip them, every time! The nights were hardest, I'm a TV watching snacker. I think my least favorite part was the body circuits, I replaced a lot with HIIT cardio. Stair master was my go to. Again thank you! I really really hope you consider me as a winner!!! I've also attached a picture of how far I've come since Christmas. Cause I've worked hard for it. I've been gaining and losing the same 20-30 pounds for what feels like forever. I really believe I will keep it off this time.


I really enjoyed this challenge. I started a new job in November of 2014 and one year later I found myself 25 pounds heavier due to stress, poor diet, and no exercise. I have been trying to get motivated and stay motivated to get back into shape but always found excuses (mostly lack of time) to procrastinate. This challenge came at the perfect time for me (Thanks to my sister Anna Kaler for introducing me to your program). I would say that the hardest part was simply getting started and this challenge helped me identify and stick to a "day 1". After about two weeks I found myself really looking forward to my workouts because I was feeling so much better. I struggled to do both HIIT/Cardio and weights each day but towards the end of the challenge I found the willpower to get up at 4:15am to do my cardio before work and saved weights for after work. The easiest part of the challenge, for me, was the meal plan. On Sunday's, I prepped all of meals (except dinners) for the week. I will say however, that I found it hard to make myself eat dinner in the evenings after lifting so I ended up skipping dinners often and just drinking a protein shake immediately after my workout. I feel like I'm finally getting into my groove and look forward to this next challenge which my sister and I plan to do together. Thanks for the inspiration!



I had so much fun doing this challenge! I loved how there were many different options for food choices! Thank you so much I loved it! Can't wait to do another one in the future


just some back story info if you forgot I will be 47 tomorrow I had breast cancer at 33 and a total hysterectomy at 36 and quit smoking in 2011. Also a full time night shift RN, so weight has been an on going issue for me but hopefully I am on the right track now. My measurements have not really changed I just think I have replaced the fat with muscle. Thank you for the jump start..
First off, I want to thank you for inspiring us those who participated in the the fitness challenge. When I first see your transformation pictures on Instagram I couldn't believe that was possible. I was following many other fitness girls on IG and almost no one posted their transformation so for most of us who doesn't know better, we'd think it's genetic and that it is not possible for us to achieve that type of body. Except for you. You have been so true about your own fitness journey and it has a great inspiration to me because now I know it is possible.:) I have been able to motivate and push myself through this challenge from that inspiration. About my own 6 weeks fitness journey, where do I start *#-o d'oh!. It was definitely tough, I did a little research on how to calculate my own macro and started from there. Then I used that along with your designed meal and workout plan. As an student, I hardly cook because my mom does all the cooking. But going on this diet meant I had to prepare my own food. For me, that was probably much harder than the workout part. I followed your meal plan the first 3 weeks but after that, as 3rd year engineering student and doing 16 units per quarter, I just couldn't have the time to prepare your suggested yummy meals. Therefore, I ended up eating baked chicken, tilapia, salad, veggies, brown rice, sweet potatoes everyday*:P tongue. I realized what was my aim and seeing change on my body helped me craving for unhealthy and bad food for my diet. Then finals came during the 5th week and I pretty much had no time to workout. Even that, I tried to squeeze at much time as possible to stop by the gym at school. Or on days I didn't have school, I made sure I did body circuits at home. Because I didn't do as much workout as I should, I allowed myself no cheat meal the last 3 weeks. In my workout routines, I did exactly what you suggested and love every workout routine, except HIIT*:D big grin. I am not so much of a HIIT type i guess but I understand that's probably the best way to lose body fat so I still pushed myself to do it. One of the perks living in California is the beach so I usually run on the shore for my HIIT when I have the time to go there. My favorites are weight training days. Leg days have been the best. Besides following the workout plan, I always have an abs session after or before every workout. I love doing abs, but never seem to show any progress when I tried working out before. Through this challenge, I finally understand why I did not see change. It was because I did not eat right. My abs started to show after 17 days into the challenge so since then, I've never missed an ab workout; I do it consistently 4 times a week. In terms of what I could have done better, that would probably be HIIT. I did 2 times of HIIT a week when I know I could have done 3 to burn more body fat. I am working on it to find way to enjoy doing HIIT more often. Today was the last day of the challenge so I allowed myself a couple slides of pizza*:) happy. But this is only the beginning, I continue to prepare my healthy meals with the right amount of carbs, protein and fat taken into account. I continue to workout using your workout plan and build a better glute, legs and especially abs. I never enjoyed the gym and healthy meals this way until I started the challenge so thank you Lauren. I really couldn't ask for a better kick start in my own fitness journey. Initial weight: 109 lbs Current weight: 104.5 lbs

Kate L

Here are my before and after photos. If you do want to share them, please just crop out my face. These pics were all taken after I woke up, so I am not picture ready lol. I want to say thank you so much for doing this challenge. I have been in a slump, not knowing what to do different, or what I was doing wrong in my own fitness routines / diet. But now I feel like I know so much more, and as time goes by my body will only get better! I know I might not win this challenge, but I have to say that I am so happy with my before and after results! I keep looking at the photos and am amazed by the changes I see. I even put on a pair of my pants the other day and my luv handles aren't there anymore!!!! I can even see some definition in my ab area!!!! I never thought that was possible I am a LOT stronger than I have ever been too which feels amazing!!! I know the changes are not drastic, but they are a step forward in the right direction, and I am so grateful for your help and guidance along the way to help me get a step closer to where I want to be! As you know, I did not feel good a few days out of the challenge, but it didn't stop me from sticking to my exercise and diet. I am not saying that I have not cheated along the way, because I definitely did.... But when I did cheat, it was half of whatever I would have normally ate before this challenge started. I also stop eating at least half way through my meal now if I go out to eat. I haven't gotten that gross full feeling from overeating in a long time... So I am very proud of that! The hardest part of this challenge for me was doing cardio all the time. Being a fitness instructor on top of doing an hour of weight training with another 30 min to an hour extra of HIIT can be very draining on top of my other job! The diet was extremely hard for me as well... On the plus side though, I discovered that I really enjoy eating more vegetarian friendly meals now. I got tired of chicken really quick, and meat in general started to kind of bother me for some reason, so I tried some new brands and vegetarian patties in place of the meat for the meat I didn't want to touch anymore! Needless to say that was a shockingly nice surprise and the diet became a way more enjoyable for me as well! I'm not going to lie... I honestly was not sure I could make it through this challenge a few times and I am sure I could have done a lot better during my cardio sessions and of course my diet. But no matter what, if I got caught in a funk, I kept going, and I know for a fact that my diet has been much better ever since this challenge started. I eat smaller, healthier, and more consistently thanks to you and I know I am not going to stop here either.. You have helped me find a new lifestyle in food and fitness! Like I said, I know I have a ways to go yet, but I am so incredibly happy and can not thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us looking to better ourselves!

Shannon S

aw results after the first week which really motivated me to keep going. It was encouraging (and addictive!) to see results so fast. I feel a lot more strong and confident - in and out of the gym.

Melanie G

Only lost 9.5 lbs but look at them gains!

Nikki A

This challenge has really helped me boost my fitness journey in just 6 weeks. I have really felt a difference with the meals and the workouts. I have felt less bloated and I see a difference in the way my body feels and the energy I have now. I have seen the difference in my body in weight loss and also in fat loss. I think the best thing I could have done was to purchase this challenge from you. I love that you have time to respond to my messages and the rest of your clients. I also love how you post your workouts and challenge us to try them as well. You are an amazing online coach! Thank you so much! I have sent you 3 versions of my photos. 2 of them are from different angles with my face covered, and the third one is with my face uncovered so you know that it is me and I am the same person in the photo. If I win, I would like you to use any of the 2 photos where my face is covered, please & thank you!

Brittany C

What a challenge! I can honestly say it's been a great 6 weeks! Truth be told I had some set backs: a hospital visit w/ the discovery that I might have developed an allergy to certain fish, being put on steroids which increased my appetite 10 fold, and of course there's the dreaded bloating that comes about once a month (mine can actually be seen below, unfortunately). Overall I really enjoyed the program & the results. I didn't feel like I was exhausting my body beyond necessary & the meal plan definitely helped me when I ran into issues with being on the steroids & not being able to train for a few days. It may be difficult to tell from the pictures, but I am SO much more toned & lean than when I started. I love hearing my bf tell me "You are getting so tiny!" And "You look great, Babe!". Taking pix every week definitely helped me when I felt like I wasn't seeing results. I really wanted to take some time here to thank you for being such a motivator & yet so approachable throughout this process. I follow you & Dave (and Max!) on snapchat & IG and it honestly has kept me going. There were days when I just didn't want to go to the gym and workout, but then I'd see a snap of you working out @ 11 pm at night & I would tell myself to get my butt in the car & get work done! I really loved being able to contact you throughout the challenge know that you would respond. I admire what you do & what you stand for. You are one of the few fitness models out there who seems to have remained humble despite your obvious fame. I respect that. Words don't express my gratitude for this experience, just know that I am blessed by you! Looking forward to doing more challenges w/ you!

Candyce M

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