New Years Challenge Testimonials

ad_challenge"Why not start the year with a bang, in the best shape of your life and set yourself up for a healthier and happier lifestyle?"

These are my challenge final photos. Thank you for helping me through this challenge and being available over KIk for nutrition assistance and general questions. This challenge showed me the limits I’m capable of, helped me increase my weights at the gym, and push myself harder then i knew possible. I overall lost 8 pounds over this challenge and have noticed great muscle definition throughout my body. I am so proud of myself for finishing these past 6 weeks. My nutrition has always been a struggle for me and cutting back sugar intake, and eating what i wanted when wanted. Following this meal plan was very hard for me but have actual found myself interested now in nutrition labels, and finding nutritious foods that i actually enjoy. I am now trying to achieve a new goal of becoming a personal trainer and hope with the help of this challenge i have been directed in the right direction.

Nikkole M

Doing Lauren's New Years Challenge was the best decision I have ever had when it comes to my fitness journey. During the challenge I lost about 15lbs. I decided to keep up the workout schedule and sticking as close to the diet as I can. I'm finally loving my body and can look at it and not see every single imperfection. The number on the scale means absolutely nothing because I'm 10lbs heavier than I was three years ago but I'm wearing the same clothes with no problems at all! This lifestyle has not only helped me love how I look but it has also helped my mental health. I'm about to hit 3 months without an anxiety attack and I credit that to Lauren and her workout plan and diet plan. If you are on the fence about doing a challenge or any of her other programs I highly recommend just taking a leap and doing them! Im hoping to one day compete in the WBFF and its all because of Lauren and the confidence she has helped me finally have!


These are my challenge final photos. Thank you for helping me through this challenge and being available over KIk for nutrition assistance and general questions. This challenge showed me the limits I’m capable of, helped me increase my weights at the gym, and push myself harder then i knew possible. I overall lost 8 pounds over this challenge and have noticed great muscle definition throughout my body. I am so proud of myself for finishing these past 6 weeks. My nutrition has always been a struggle for me and cutting back sugar intake, and eating what i wanted when wanted. Following this meal plan was very hard for me but have actual found myself interested now in nutrition labels, and finding nutritious foods that i actually enjoy. I am now trying to achieve a new goal of becoming a personal trainer and hope with the help of this challenge i have been directed in the right direction.
I loved this competition! It was exactly the motivation I needed to kickstart a workout and healthy eating routine. And seeing results definitely fuelled that motivation. I lost a total of 7lbs (although probably slipped a little being out of town this last week) and loved (although sometimes hated) the workouts. I noticed a huge difference in my glutes and abs as well as shoulders as that was an area I avoided working out for fear of getting too bulky. I know now that that is not that case and plan to continue on this routine to see what I can achieve!


This program has opened my eyes that eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. I have alwayd worked out once in awhile but never been committed to it like i was these six weeks. I believe i will continue eating and exerciseing to get more results. I could see the results as i looked into the mirror as the time went on and my confidence boosted. Thank you Lauren!
Hey Lauren! Here's my results from your 6 week challenge. I'd rather not put my face anywhere, if you could cover it before using it anywhere. As for the 6 week challenge, I was sick for a few weeks so my results aren't as good as I'd hoped, but I definitely see progress! I lost 3 inches from my waist, 1 from each thigh, and I feel like my shoulders and biceps are more defined. In addition to your program, I also play roller derby and I feel so much stronger when I play because of your leg days and intervals! Im so happy I started this year with your challenge, and I'm looking forward to doing it again before beach season hits!! Also I'm the one who wrote you over KiK because my 16 looks like a 15 because the new year throws me off lol but I promise I took it this year! There's no way I would've known what to write before then. Let me know if you have questions.


Thank you for this amazing opportunity to get my health back on track. My weight is an issue that I have struggled with my whole life, whether it was being over weight, doing strict diets and dropping extreme weight, or just simply not being happy with myself. Getting through this challenge, working out 5-6 times a week, watching what I eat but still being allowed flexibility with counting my macros has really helped me. Obviously getting into this lifestyle can be hard, there were some bumps along the way but overall I loved it. I can tell that this is just the beginning for me in getting in the best shape of my life. My 10th Tough Mudder is in May and I can't wait to do the obstacles with the shape I will be in in another 2.5 months!


Thank you so much for giving so many options for each meal that made this challenge that much easier to follow and stick to. I also enjoyed the workouts however at the 3 week point having a routine change would have been good just to do something different. I was already thin to begin with but this competition helped me put on some muscle mass while losing body fat!! So much happier in my bikini!!!


Lauren, your 2016 challenge has impacted my life tremendously. Not only did I lose weight throughout the last six weeks, but my lifestyle regarding nutrition has changed as well. In the past, "trusting the process" was extremely difficult for me. Like everyone else, I wanted results in the blink of an eye. Knowing that I had to take a picture at the end of the six weeks, and send it to one of my biggest inspirations (you) had a huge impact on my mindset and I thank you so much for that! I have a lot more faith and determination to get to where I want to be. I struggled at the beginning, I'm not going to lie! I cheated more than I should have for the first week and a half and then I told myself that I have two options 1. To continue to feel the way I did about myself or 2. Bust my ass and gain confidence that I haven't had in a long while. I thank you for being there for me, and for pushing me in the right direction.


I loved everything about this challenge! I went from 131 pounds down to 123. I am feeling stronger and healthier than ever before. Originally I thought the best part would be how I looked in six weeks, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I still can't get over how much energy I have. Not only were the exercise plan and nutrition guidelines helpful, but also the information about supplements and vitamins. Looking at your other plans you can purchase I can't wait to try something new to use to improve on my fitness journey. Thank you so much!


This challenge was defiantly hard. I think I struggled most with my diet. I've never been able to control my diet its been a struggle my whole life. The man options and suggestions were great to teach me proper nutrition and portion. I've always struggled with being soft and undefined. Never comfortable in my own skin. This has showed me with hard work I can make a change to my body. I fully intend to keep going and see more and more results every week thanks for your help I feel great.


I decided to start this program as a jumpstart to getting back into shape after having babies. I never realized how out of shape and how weak I actually was until I started seriously working out again. Though I still have a ways to go, your program helped me lose 12 pounds! I've never seriously lifted weights before, but I can actually feel muscles underneath my "fluff" and it makes me want more! Also, I was able to accomplish everything without going to the gym! We kind of live out in the boonies so we do have a pretty well-stocked home gym, but I was able to keep up with the program using modifications for what I had available. I became a little discouraged around week four and let things slide, and unfortunately the whole family got sick the last week of the program so I wasn't able to work out during that time. My biggest challenge was actually finding time to work out as I am a stay-at-home mom and my kids are still pretty little, so it's just hard to find the alone time. Nothing like doing the stairmaster at 11 o'clock at night! I'm encouraged to keep going just by the progress I've made in such a short amount of time. I used to be pretty overweight a few years ago and have done many different programs but I've never felt so strong before. Even though this challenge was pretty strict, being that it was only six weeks made it seem doable to me. Thanks!


Thank you so much for the inspiration to start and complete this challenge. I was able to lose 20 lbs over the course of six weeks and feel a lot healthier and stronger. I was medically discharged from the military after contracting an illness while recovering from two surgeries after I got back from Afghanistan. I went from running Olympic distance triathlons to not being able to get out of bed for months. I gained 75 lbs and fell into a deep depression. It took two years for me to learn to adjust to a life altering illness that has no cure at such a young age. Your program inspired me and although it was tough every single day I found the fight in me to get my health back. I know I'm just beginning and will continue this journey until I see that solider in me again. Thank you so much!


This challenge has gotten me to change my habits by giving me a plan to follow. As I move forward, I plan to continue eating clean and working out as much, as I am far from what I want to be. After losing close to 30 lbs and substantial body fat %, I feel like I have made much more progress than the photos show. Most likely because my midsection is last to go.


It's been a great challenge and it's given me much more energy. You are a inspiration and I will carry on with it till I get it where I want to be. I am finding eating healthy is giving me much more energy and drinking water had improved my skin as well as my body. Thank you again you are amazing and anyone out there who wants to try but they are saying maybe in a few months. Well do it now you won't regret it. X


I absolutely loved this challenge! As a recovering anorexic, this gave me amazing tools to use for the rest of my life. I'm so happy with my results!!!


It's Daniel and I am so happy with my results and am excited to continue my journey into fitness! This program has truly changed my life! I am a graduate student and these workouts are my escape from stress and keep me sane. The diet is easy to follow but I made it easier by pairing it with myfitnesspal and the fitmencook app. I follow my macros strictly and even have a healthy cheat meal on Fridays. Today 2-19-2016 I am weighing 216.4!! Over 20 pounds from where I started!! My next plan is to get into physique competitions. I plan on losing about 60 more pounds so look out for my name!!


Here are my results! I lost 16 lbs, I'm starting to feel like myself again! I loved your program, my husband and I are gonna definitely stick with the meal plan!


Thanks so much for creating this program. Though I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, I look better and feel so much better. I can run faster, run longer, my body feels harder instead of just soft, weight training is now fun with a program. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to having you be my coach again in the future!


This challenge helped me soooo much!! I'm fitting into pants I haven't been able to wear in 2+ years, I can fit into my ems pants that I've never been able to wear, and my confidence has come back! I wasn't always able to stay 100% consistent with eating healthy and working out due to the crazy schedule that is ems but I was inspired by Lauren to not give up and to just get back on track. Meal prepping though was a life saver!! It made eating at work soooo much easier and made me less likely to just choose a fast food option. People keep asking what I'm doing and I immediately reccomend Lauren and her programs to them!! Thank you soooooo much for doing these challenges!!


This challenge came at a perfect time for me, and not just because it was the New Year. I was feeling like I hit a plateau, I had just returned from a 2 week vacation to Ireland where I ate and drank whatever I wanted, and I needed something to kick me back into gear. I appreciated Lauren's responses to my questions, loved the workouts, and feel like it really did make a difference. I'm nowhere near done, but this kickstarted me into high gear and I'm ready for the next 6 weeks to have even more gains. I felt like some days I was unable to fit in the entire workout based on my time constraints, but overall loved the workout plan and felt the nutritional help could be improved with a grocery list or a list of yes/no foods.


I am so glad I decided to do this challenge! It really gave me the guidelines I needed to get on a better path to a healthier me! Although my results may not be extreme I feel so much better inside and out! Meghan Stone


Here are my final photos! Thank you for everything. I had so much fun doing this challenge. I used to be a D1 athlete and was amazing shape, 1.5 years after graduating and I had gained 20 pounds, and who knows how many inches. I couldn't figure out how to balance a 60+ hour a week job and the type of workouts I used to do, so I just didn't do any! I also never really knew what to do? Coaches always had that planned so why worry right? Wrong haha they aren't there forever! Because of this challenge I am starting to feel like the old me again! But a little better, because now I am going to keep up my lift routine for me, just because I want to be strong not because a coach is telling me to and I need to to win my event.


First and foremost, I want to say thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given a lot of us for the new year and letting us in on your workout and diet secrets. I've followed you on social media for a while now and I've always been inspired and motivated by the videos you post of awesome workouts. In January of 2015, I weighed 218 pounds, I had completely lost the athletic and toned figure I once had in my late teens and early 20s. I was always getting sick and started suffering from joint pain. I knew at 25 this was not going to change or get better unless I did. One morning I woke up and said that's it, I'm done. I'm done feeling like this and hating what I see in the mirror. I joined a personal training gym complete with a trainer and with their help and my new drive and motivation to lose weight, I ended 2015 with a 32 pound weight loss and a 10% drop in body fat. During that year, I was forced to understand that my history with weight problems wasn't JUST physical. I had subconsciously been battling another fight. I was in therapy for anxiety when I was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder. Like many eating disorders, BDD comes with obsession over image and severe, intrusive negative thoughts about one or many parts of the body that you and only you see as deformed or severely abnormal. Its usually the case that the "bad body parts" are not even noticed by others but the person affected by BDD can't focus on anything else if their body is exposed or vulnerable. I didn't realize all of my obsessions with being thin and then coping with depression with food and then the weight gain all had to do with this new diagnosis. With the help of my new healthy regime and therapy, I've come a very long way in my recovery to body acceptance and self love. I decided to do your challenge in January because I saw it as a way to only further my recovery and I was up for a new challenge workout wise. I didn't have anything to lose by doing your challenge except for the weight, of course! In the 6 weeks, I lost 8 pounds. It's a little difficult for me to see a huge change in my before and after pictures, myself but other people have told me they can totally tell a difference. Isn't that how it usually goes? It takes longer to see change in ourselves! We are our own critics after all. But, your challenge did more for me than you may even see in pictures. I've come that much further in loving my body and I can look in the mirror, like what I see and go to bed every night satisfied knowing that I fought hard to become the woman I am now. Thank you for the support and for creating a program that was easy to follow and easy to stay with. I have a new lifestyle now, not just a phase that's temporary. :)


This challenge was one the hardest things I've done, I started out being able to barely run or lift a respectable weight, now I can do 30 min of HIIT and I've gotten substantially strong since I have started. Working out is now part of my routine, I go every night after work. Its a great stress relief and I've felt the best I have in a long time, I started this challenge at the heaviest I've ever been and I've lost close to 10lbs and am starting to see some real changes. Though I still have waya to go, without this challeneg Id still be making excuses,Thanks to you #LaurenDrainFit I have started a healthier lifestyle.


Hi Lauren I really loved how much information you provided in this program. It's been hardest for me to loose my belly fat I've had it forever and it never seemed to go away. I always felt bloated and gross with myself. The first week was really hard for me. I had to throw away all of my bf's junk food because I had zero self control. I slipped a few times on the diet ?? But it got easier! I liked how much more energy I had and I really stated having better workouts and found myself happier in general. I am happy I did this challenge because it got me over my hump and I am going to continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. I really hope to take it another step and get some big muscles ??????


This challenge was amazing, tough, and totally worth it! None of my jeans or shorts fit anymore and it feels amazing! I literally shrunk. The hardest parts for me was sticking to the diet but after the first few days my body adjusted. I was sore in places I didn't know I had. I loved this challenge because it helped me overcome my fear of the gym. This is only the beginning of my journey. Thank you Lauren Drain!


The hardest thing for me was the cardio. I really didn't commit as much time to it as I should have and I could have achieved much better results if I did. Other than that, the guide was super helpful and really helped me focus because I knew what I was going to do each day instead of wandering around the machines looking lost! I loved that there were options for food and the guidelines for that were also helpful because I used to eat huge portions and now I am getting full off the smaller portions and finding it easier to satisfy my hunger with smaller but more nutrient packed meals. Seeing results after just 6 weeks motivates me to keep going and hopefully make a lifestyle change, rather than seesawing on diet after diet.


I'm so excited to show you my final pictures. I've worked hard these past 6 weeks and will continue constantly improving myself. When I look at my before pictures, I see someone sad, unmotivated and weak. I lost my dad 6 months ago and throughout that time I also lost myself. Everything became so uninteresting to me, and I didn't care to make myself feel better. It became comfortable to make myself feel worse. I completely neglected my physical and mental health - eating fast food every single day, becoming totally inactive and allowing my thoughts to become a cesspool of self-loathing and negativity. Everything was so dark, and I didn't bother looking for a light. I didn't think any existed anymore. I started to realize this wasn't right, and that I was wasting time I could spend being happy. I couldn't change what happened, but I knew I could change how I lived from this point on. When I saw your challenge, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start motivating myself again. I'm a very goal-oriented person, so I knew if I could really make myself commit to this, I would improve myself. I took my before pictures and wow, that was tough. But I told myself if that was my starting point then I could only get better. When I received your meal plan and workouts, I knew this was a good idea. I've done other challenges before and they've left a lot to be desired - cookie cutter workouts and effortless meal plans. Your meal ideas were refreshing and delicious and the workouts were badass - there was nothing restrictive about them which makes it a lot easier to commit to. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. I was really getting my fire back as I progressed through the challenge, and then I ended up breaking my radius on a ski trip in the middle of it. I was crushed. I had been giving this my all and to think all that effort would be voided by this injury was so disappointing. However, I was now more confident and knew this was just another obstacle I needed to adapt to. I didn't want to overdo it because healing and recovery is so important, so I sensibly picked out exercises from the plan I knew I could safely perform and kept going. 6 months ago, I wouldn't have had the ambition to do that, but this challenge helped me respect myself again. Now I've got to be honest, of course I am SO STOKED about my physical progress. I can feel my body working more smoothly like a well-oiled machine instead of an old, broken pile of junk. Fat has melted away and bloating has dissipated. And yes, it feels GREAT to look into a mirror and feel happy. But what I'm most excited about, what I really NEEDED, is a healthy mind. This challenge helped me grab my thoughts of negativity and mold them into encouragement and self-love. This helped me sleep at night. This helped me wake up in the morning with a glow and a smile instead of heavy bags under my eyes and a headache. This helped me be fun to be around again, to feel happy. This helped me realize that I can make my life beautiful - and that there is ALWAYS a light. Thank you for everything.

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