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Pill-96I've been around the supplement game for some time now. I have had the opportunity to work with almost every single brand out there and there is a reason I chose NOT to back a brand for almost two years. As a nurse & one of the worlds leading fitness models I got a chance to see first hand some of the crap that is being sold out there. The companies that pump all their money into advertising & the biggest athletes while the products are packed with fillers, are untested & unregulated by the brand. I chose to walk away from 6 figure contracts because I as a nurse could not support these brands and recommend them to my clients. This is also why I have now partnered with IDLife. I wont go into too much detail in here but I have finally found a company that isn't about the Instagram hype but rather has products that are backed by thousands of holistic doctors, the heart association and cancer associations. Products that are triple tested, have zero fillers, 100% natural and products that I actually take. Below you'll find my recommendations for supplements, you do not need to take them but they will aid in your goals & overall health.



DRINK “Energy” by IDLife: 1 scoop or 1 packet per 8-20 oz of water in morning/afternoon (don’t take after 5pm). This is something David takes every single day when he wakes up to help start the day. As it has an appetite suppressant be mindful of this, its great for those that drink a lot of coffee and should be used to replace that. You can start off with half a scoop and upgrade to a full. There is no crash with this product.



DRINK “Hydrate” by IDLife: 1 scoop or 1 packet per 8-20 oz water daily anytime. It is reported that something like 80% of the US population is dehydrated during your typical day. I personally drink Hydrate to ensure my electrolytes are balanced and my headaches are kept at bay. This is a great product intra or post workout or to sip on throughout the day. Hydrate delivers a carefully researched blend of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, MCT’s, vitamins and minerals to protect the body from the harmful effects of dehydration.



I strongly suggest you take the free online health assesment to guage what your customized vitamin regimen should be. In short, these are vitamins that are personalized to you and your personal needs, goals, medical conditions and even medications. Vitamins interact with one another, they interact with your conditions and medications that we take - this is the ONLY product on the market that takes all the guessing workout out of it for you and ensures you are taking the right vitamins for YOU. I've now ditched all my pill bottles & stacks of random vitamins and only take IDNutrition as my vitamim regimin is completely different than that of my husband. Each box comes with a 30 day supply in individually portioned out packets - zero fillers, zero bs & 100% natural. After completing the custom health assessment, IDLIFE creates your customized vitamin regimen called IDNUTRITION – comes in tear-off, on-the-go pouches for breakfast vitamins and dinner vitamins. Cost of this ranges from $50 upwards to $100 a month. This vitamins are specific to the symptoms or past medical history you have and target the vitamins you need most to feel energized, and recovered all day. If youre spending $10 for a bottle of this and $10 for a bottle of that and trying to mix it all together you are waisting your money & time - I know I was. Here is a better alternative thats being implemeted across hospitals nationwide:



If you aren’t going to eat for an hour or so after your workout please take 1 scoop of SHAKE within 20-30 min after you finish weights. You may chose the vegan (vanilla) or whey protein shake (chocolate or vanilla) option, it's up to you. These shakes are tasty with water or you can drink with unsweetened almond milk. I can tell you first hand that the supplement industry cheats most of us with fillers & untested products - the shakes is where most of the gimics and crap takes place. These are 100% natural, non-GMO, free of artificial hormones, lactose, casein, gluten, soy and MSG.



This is an option for people who DO NOT LIKE protein shakes, but still want the post-workout recovery drinks. YOU ONLY NEED “POSTWORKOUT” OR “PROTEIN SHAKE” to drink after weight training, NOT BOTH. Take “Post-workout” - 1 scoop taken with 20 oz of water before/during weight training (if you are about to eat a meal with protein source in it). This is a great drink durring weight training or directly after - make sure you get it in within 30 minutes post workout for maximum results.



This product has been found to help crush sugar cravings, preserve muscle mass without giving you the jitters while boosting your metabolism and increasing thermogenesis. This is my go to for a daily supplement to ensure I dont burn off the muscle mass I have and to help me fight those pesky sugar craivings. Take 2-4 capsuls in the morning during or after a meal.


My Workout Survival Starter Pack

Not sure if these will be the right supplements for you? Here is an easy way to try them out. I've personally put together a starter pack with my favorites for you to try. Each pack comes with one Pre & Post workout, Hydrate, Energy & a Shake (3 flavor options). This is the best way to test the waters with the healthiers supplements on the market that I personally back.

Check out the full product line via the link below or visit & take their free health assessment.

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