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All my programs are designed by me thanks to years of hard work, education and experience. Made easy to follow and understand for anyone.

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. Thanks to my personal transformation, struggles and successes I’ve made it easy for my clients to achieve results.

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Lolita N

This challenge was tough! It has been hard for me to change the way i eat and life got on the way many times! I thought i didnt make any progress as the numbers on the scale didnt move, i lost few inches as well but when i check my before! What a change! I love the body ive built thanks to Lauren program and her personal advices given to me instantly on kik! I made a life change on the way i eat, and even though i did that challenge more on the cardio side i am gonna restart and add the heavy weight lifting for more muscle tone!
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this challenge. I fell off two week like right after it started due to stuff going on but then picked right back up stronger than ever. Once I started seeing results, it really boosted my motivation to go to the gym and kick ass. I know my results may not be much compared to some you get, but it was definitely enough to keep me up and keep me going and want to do and be better. My best friend and I had been eyeballing you for awhile on social media because you're legit goals. And then I got this challenge and couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Kara R

Hey Lauren these are my final photos! I just wanted to take the time thank you for this challenge. I lost a total of 15 pounds during the challenge and I am working every day to go even further. You truly inspire me I look up to you as a real role model. I am so much happier and healthier after completing this challenge and I plan to stay that way! Every workout and prepped meal was totally worth it. Thank you for all your help!

Jessica E

I loved being a part of your challenge. The food options were great and taught me a few new things and tricks to eating healthy. I got encouragement from not only you but other competitors. I appreciated being able to kik message you and ask questions along the way. I think leg day became my favorite love hate days. Every leg day I went up in weights and pushed myself. I was so excited to see the results start happening and going from barley being able to do air squats to my PR of back squatting 135lb for 5 reps. (I am finally starting to have a butt!!!!) Last week I found out that I was pregnant! We are thrilled and I am glad that this will be a fit pregnancy. Thank you again Lauren for everything during this journey. You can use my pictures for the final post or if I win. Fingers crossed.

Heather B

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