Step 1: Calculate Your TDEE (daily calories required)



Ft In




Imperial Metric

Athletes Formula (best for lean people)
Lean Mass Formula (best if overweight) 

Current Body Fat %

Activities per day in MINUTES (24h = 1440 min)

mins Reading, Sitting, Driving, Eating, Chatting, Watching TV

mins Walking, Cleaning, Cooking, Slow bicycling

mins Fast walking, Carrying bags, Sex

mins Swiming, Running, Basketball, Fast bicycling, Workingout

mins Boxing, Heavy workout

mins (automatically calculated)

Calculate Your TDEE
Your BMR is:
Your TDEE is:

Step 2: Choose Your Goals (and pick your intensity)

Fat Loss
Suggested 15%
Aggressive 20%
Reckless 25%
Same as TDEE
Cautious 5%
Text Book 10%
Aggressive 15%
Enter Your Own

Step 3: Select Your Nutrition Plan (we suggest IIFYM)




.7 grams per lb. of body weight
.8 grams per lb. of body weight
.9 grams per lb. of body weight
Custom grams per lb. of body weight

.30 grams per lb. of body weight
.35 grams per lb. of body weight
.40 grams per lb. of body weight
Custom grams per lb. of body weight

Carbohydrates are calculated based on the calories you have remaining after calories from protein and fat have been subtracted from your TDEE.


Step 4: View Your Results

GRAMS per day -- -- -- -- --
GRAMS per meal -- -- -- -- --

Your IIFYM Macro Calculator Results

The numbers in the IIFYM Macro Calculator are your specific daily macros. In order to accomplish your physique changing goals, you should eat the exact amount of fat, carbs, protein and fiber listed in the IIFYM Macro Calculator every day, regardless if you exercise or not. Please remember that these numbers are a guide, and are based on formulas. The IIFYM Macro calculator cannot account for metabolism health or damage, so some modifications may need to be made. After following these IIFYM Macro Calculator macros consistently for 4 weeks you should notice a change in weight or physical appearance. If you do not notice any changes, your total calories may be too high, or in some rare cases too low, and you will need to be adjusted accordingly. If you do need to adjust your calories we suggest manipulating carbs by no more than 10 grams  per week, until you see the scale move, or you see physical changes in your body.There is no need to reduce carbs/calories and more if you are seeing results. Only change your macros when your weight loss stalls. This means no change in appearance, how clothes fit, or your weight for 10 days. Then and only then can you start changing your macros. There is ZERO reason to change you macros if you are still losing weight!

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