I just wanted to take a minute and welcome you to the Spring 6 Week Challenge. You have joined via the LITE program option and I just wanted to touch base with you before we get started. Unlike the Standard version of my challenge the LITE option does not include help from me with your Macros, Weekly Macro Adjustments, Weekly Personal Questions, Weekly Feedback or the chance to Win the Cash Prizes at the end.

Now don't worry, you still have access to everything else including the Facebook support group where you can ask general questions about the program, meals or workouts. However if you feel you would like to have my personal assistance throughout the challenge you can upgrade to the standard version. By no means am I trying to up-sell you, I simply want everyone to know what their options are before we get too far into the challenge.

You can upgrade to the Standard version via the button bellow for $89 and you'll gain access to all the features mentioned above. I will manually change your group after purchase and it should reflect this option within a few hours. You'll than be able to ask me personal questions via the Ask Lauren Tab under Check-Ins.

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