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transfomrationThis pictures represents my personal transformation in about a years time - I am 135lbs in both and this is why I always stress to my clients that the scale should just be thrown out the window. How did I transform my body? I signed up for my first WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) show and trained my ass off - literally. Remember, competition prep is not the same as normal training. I was able to cut through all my excess fat, which revealed the muscle definition I had underneath. I went from 135+ lbs to about 122 lbs. Since then, I've worked to build more muscle mass in all the "right" places, becoming stronger, healthier, and happier in the process. The booty and legs you see now are not genetic blessings or surgical projects, they’re the product of hard work. I see girls on social media time and time again calling themselves fitness models, fit chicks, etc… when in reality, most of them were blessed at birth when they won the genetic lottery.Read more

Fitness Model

Fitness ModelI never set out to be a "fitness model" – in fact that was never my intention. About three  years ago, I let the fall and holiday seasons get the best of me. I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and I felt even worse, so I decided to make a change for the better. I finished my first Paleo challenge with motivating results that led me to research aesthetic competition shows (lots of YouTube asking around). Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and signed up for my first bikini show. I got a coach and trained my butt off for 14 weeks straight before I stepped onstage, and it was far from easy. At the time, I was working 13-hour night shifts at one hospital, and per-diem at another to make up the cost of the show and coaching. By the time I stepped on stage, I was an anxious/excited/inexperienced mess – who placed 9th out of 30+ girls in my first competition.
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Registered Nurse

NurseI have held full-time jobs in healthcare since the age of 16, and have been a cardiac registered nurse for over 8 years - 5 of which I spent working full-time night shifts, while also working a second nursing job per-diem. I have experience in an intermediate ICU setting (the ICU step-down), and have been a charge nurse for the last several years while I worked every floor of the hospital. I can help run a code, teach a patient about their medications, and work life-sustaining equipment. I am not "just a model."

I have a passion for health, wellness, and quality of life. I've used every opportunity to help promote those values to my patients and clients. The more I study health and wellness, the more I believe that it starts with changing lifestyle habits, such as regular nutrition and exercise. After 8 years in professional healthcare, I have never seen a natural athlete stuck in a terrible health crisis. There's a reason for that: fit, active lifestyles reduce the risk of disease and promote overall wellness.Read more

Author - New York Times bestseller

AuthorI wasn’t always a "fitness model.” In fact, I’ve only been doing this professionally for about a year. Before my life got crazy busy with shows and work in 2014, I did CrossFit, adventure races, and wrote a New York Times Best Seller about my previous life. I’ve been on CNN, MSNBC, 20/20, 60 Minutes, and countless other TV and radio shows. My former life is far from glamorous; more than anything, it’s sad and shameful. In short, I lost my entire family (father, mother, and three younger siblings) to the most hated cult in America. Simply Google my name, read my wiki, or see the YouTube videos of my talks to learn more. Read more


wbff_proMy personal prep experience for shows is unlike any other. In 12 months, I competed in six shows in both Fitness and Diva Bikini Classes. I made a New Year’s Resolution Jan 1, 2013, to get in the best shape of my life and I stuck to it. I signed up for my first WBFF show while working full-time night shifts as a float RN at one hospital and as a cardiac ICU RN per-diem at another hospital. I earned my WBFF pro card after winning the Rhode Island show late 2014. Each show allowed the opportunity to learn from those around me and improve on every part of my performance. After placing 9th in my first show ever, I ranked 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st, respectively, in the Bikini Class. Read more

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

wbff_proI hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I'm always striving to expand my knowledge when it comes to nutrition, health and fitness. I have worked with top coaches in the industry, both in client and mentor relationships.

Adventure Junkie!

NEBu3JUI’ve competed in multiple Spartan and Tough Mudder Races ranging 10-14 miles in length. I did CrossFit for three years and competed locally before transitioning to the WBFF shows in 2014. I’ve always tried to stay active and stimulate both the mind and body through various active hobbies. I ride dirt and street bikes, I snowboard and ski, I’m afraid of heights but will happily leap off the Sears Tower in Las Vegas or paraglide over the Swiss Alps… You may say I’m a bit crazy, but it’s working.

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