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Summer Shred Challenge

Lets start the Summer on a positive note & in the best shape of your life! Join me and our supportive fitness community as I personally help guide you through transformational workouts at home or in the gym. Introducing my brand new fitness app PROGRESS by Lauren Drain, you will have access to hundreds of nutritious and delicious meals with customized macros for 6 weeks. Video workout demonstrations, weekly check-ins, goal & much more! With my personal weekly feedback I'll guide you through my program that has worked for me and over 40,000 women and men.

Booty Building Guides

Guide designed to help with weight loss and toning of the booty – best way to explain it is: going from a size 14 pants to a size 10. Every workout comes with a picture tutorial. The workouts will range from things you’ll be able to do at home to those needing a gym – this is a great guide to help you get started with a schedule and isolation workouts that are designed to target the specific muscle group. I personally used these workouts to help me sculpt my own booty from a soft pancake to what it is today. You'll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required.

$79.99 $39.99

Custom Programs

8 or 12 Weeks

Hopefully you’ve seen one of my own personal transformation photos or that of one of my clients. If you’re looking for a custom meal plan & workout routine that will go hand in had with one another you’ve come to the right place. What I offer are real results if you are willing to put in real work.

$599.00 $399.00 - $479.00

Meal & Workout Combo

If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump start your fitness journey or even step up your fitness game to my level look no further, this is the perfect guide to get you there. This program closely mimics my extremely successful 6 Week Challenge but without the additional support like check-ins, Facebook Support Group, my 1 on 1 attention or the cash prizes. This is a guide designed to be done on your own for 6 weeks to a year plus. Many of you have asked what I eat & how I train on a daily bases, how many meals, what quantities, the types of foods, what workouts and how often and etc… this is your chance to gain a better understanding of what it takes to transform your body. The biggest issue most people have is they don’t know where to start – this gives you a chance to understand that and lays the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required. Please see product description & FAQs below.

$199.00 $79.00



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