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New Year Slim & Build

Lets kick off 2019 in the best shape of your life & set the tone for the rest of the year! As your personal trainer & coach, I’ll help guide you through transformational workouts, introduce you to healthy and sustainable nutrition plans, and keep you motivated with ongoing support. Not only has this program worked for me but it has also worked for thousands of women and men that have completely changed their lives by incorporating it into their every day lives. Don’t spend another minute wishing you had started sooner – team up with me and the other participants to wrap up this summer in the best shape of your life, and possibly win a few thousand bucks in the process ($5,000 in cash up for grabs to the top 10 transformations). The private Facebook group will bring us all together where we can support and encourage one another. I will also be doing Live Q&A sessions and offering up additional support.

$249.99 $189.99

Booty Building Guides

Guide designed to help with weight loss and toning of the booty – best way to explain it is: going from a size 14 pants to a size 10. Every workout comes with a picture tutorial. The workouts will range from things you’ll be able to do at home to those needing a gym – this is a great guide to help you get started with a schedule and isolation workouts that are designed to target the specific muscle group. I personally used these workouts to help me sculpt my own booty from a soft pancake to what it is today. You'll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required.

$79.99 $39.99

Ab Define

Want to know how to build or isolate those abs and make them pop – this guide is designed specifically for this target muscle group. All workouts are geared towards building core strength and enhancing abdominal definition. You'll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required.

$79.99 $39.99




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