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Get a detailed workout plan that you’ll be able to use week after week. These are workouts I personally do along with other options and variations to allow you to substitute things in and out. Each workout is outlined with the number of reps and sets and each day has multiple options to allow you to make modifications as needed. You’ll gain instant access to the guide via my website after your purchase, no downloads required. Please see product description & FAQs below.



If you’ve been looking for a reason to jump start your fitness journey look no further. Many of you have asked what my workouts are, how often do I train and what are some good options… this is your chance to workout just like I do. The biggest issue most people have is they don’t know what to do, when, for how many sets or reps or how often – this is your chance to follow my schedule.


Is this a custom workout guide?

  • No it is not – this is a generic sample guide that’s designed to provide structure and information on how to work out and how often. This is designed for a full body program hitting all the major muscle groups to help promote weight loss and muscle definition.

Is the plan easy to understand?

  • Yes, I do my best to build out each workout and provide a few different options for each day.

What happens if I have a question after the fact?

  • With custom programs I offer my clients 1 on 1 support via email and messenger – however with the guides I try to lay everything out for you and make it easy to understand.

What do I do if I have an injury?

  • Please consult your doctor and get clearance before you sign up. If at any point a workout feels uncomfortable or hurts, STOP and consult your doctor before continuing.

How long is this guide good for?

  • Most people think there is an end date, there is not. Each guide is built out to be repeated week after week. This is not CrossFit (I did that for 3 years lol), this guide is designed to target the same muscle groups over and over again with slight variations to ensure you see results, become stronger and leaner.

Are results guaranteed?

  • Absolutely not – I can provide you with the structure, the information, the guidance and everything else but I cannot force you to commit to following the plan and work out as required. However, if you do follow the guide you will see results.

Do I need a PayPal account?

  •  You do not – you can check out as a guest and use a credit card for payment


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